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LPB Piso WiFi is a service that lets you provide internet access to people who aren’t able to afford expensive internet plans. Of course, this service is available at cheaper rates. One can use the internet by adding amount up to 20 pesos. But, all this require you complete the LBP Piso WiFi login. This article will walk you through the WiFi login process of a Piso vending computer so that you can add money, pause WiFi time, restart WiFi time, and do much more to help the people stay connected to a reliable internet. Read on.

How to Complete LPB Piso WiFi Login?

Logging in to the Piso WiFi utility is possible through the IP address Know that it is the default IP to access the Piso management console. You are not supposed to use any other IP address. Apart from this, you are suggested to make sure that your Piso device is connected to a gateway that is further connected to the internet. The steps to complete the LPB Piso WiFi login process are given below.

  • Open a Web Browser

The first step involved in the process is to open a web browser. You can do the same on your computer as well as the router. But, no matter which device you are using and which web browser you are using, both are supposed to flaunt the latest software version. To check for updates, you can look for the About utility in the mobile’s settings. However, if you are using a PC, simply click the Windows icon and select the Gear icon. After that, you can select the option that says Windows Update. As far the web browser update is considered, you can update it by accessing the Settings menu.

Note: Apart from being updated, the web browser you are using for the Piso WiFi login process must be free of junks. To do that, we recommend you hard refresh the web browser.

  • Access IP Address

Now, you have to move to the address bar of the web browser you’ve just opened and type the IP address. For your information, the address bar is located at the top of the web browser. Do not confuse it with the search bar. If you enter the IP into the search bar, you will get ambiguous results. After entering the IP address, you need to hit Enter. Just in case the IP address fails to work for you, it is recommended that you use the lpbpiso.net web address.

  • Log in to Your Piso WiFi

A login page will show up once you hit the Enter key. Two fields named the Username and Password will show up. You can log in using the router’s password and username or with the help of the Email ID and password. For the first method, you need to click the Login button to navigate to the dedicated screen. However, the second approach will require you to input the email ID and password that you’ve used during the registration process. If we talk about the login username and password, then key in admin into the username field and 123456789 into the password field. Select LOG IN.

As soon as you click LOG IN, you will be taken to the management dashboard of the Piso WiFi network. From there, you can check LPB Piso WiFi pause time and resume it accordingly. You also have the option of adding money to your account. Thus, do whatever you want to do with the help of the Piso WiFi management console.

As a Final Observation

Now that we are about to wrap up the guide based on the Piso WiFi login process, we would like to have a quick recap of what we’ve discussed so far. The first step was to load an updated internet browser. After that, the next task was to access the default IP address of the Piso WiFi through the web address bar of the browser. And the last task was to input the valid login details into the required fields. This is to inform you that you need to input the details very correctly. The reason being they are case-sensitive. Keep the Caps Lock key off and do not forget to check the login entrees before hitting the Log In button.

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