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9 Tips To Maintain Oral Hygiene

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Keeping a good oral(mouth) hygiene routine prevents bad breath, which can be quite embarrassing. It’s an essential practice for both young and old to maintain strong, disease-free gums and teeth.

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Curbing oral diseases, such as tooth decay, oral cancer, gum malady, jaw swelling, mouth sores, etc. It is very much achievable if the right measures are adhered to

On this note, I will share with you nine tips to maintain oral hygiene, which can or not take a lifetime to achieve.

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Make brushing a daily habit.

It’s medically advised by the dentist to brush at least twice every day, as this will help prevent oral diseases. While brushing, the main focus should be on the gum. Scrub your gums and teeth with a soft dental bristle brush and toothpaste that contains hydrofluoric acid(Fluoride).

Try dental floss

Dental floss is said to help keep the teeth and gums healthy. Flossing can be done once daily. Because doing this, remove bacteria and plaque that are present in between the teeth. And also food particles that are caught up between the teeth.

Scrub your tongue well

The whitish patches at the center of the tongue should not be neglected while brushing. They are referred to as Syphilitic leukoplakia, which, if not taken care of, causes mouth odor.

Add mouthwash to your brushing routine.

Using mouthwash gives you fresh breath, whitens the teeth, curtains inflammation of the gums(Gingivitis), etc. It is beneficial in maintaining oral hygiene.

Always brush well

Children and maybe a few adults see brushing of teeth as a huge task. They can even go about their daily activities without brushing their teeth. Parents can devise creative means to make brushing interesting for their kids. For example, brushing together as a family, buying different colors of brush, putting on favorite songs, etc. So, you can brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes.

Always keep your toothbrush clean

Rinse your toothbrush before and after brushing. Don’t cover or share your toothbrush. If you have been doing this before, stop it to avoid spreading mouth bacteria.

Don’t use your toothbrush for a long time

Change your brush every three months. Some people will give the excuse that nothing is wrong with the brush or it still looks new. But your job as a parent or guardian is to ensure brushes in the house are changed every three months.

Eat healthily

Maintaining oral hygiene comes with lots of effort. It is not everything that should be put into the mouth. Limit your intake of sugar, acidic food, beverages, etc. If you cannot avoid them completely, just be a little conscious while eating them.

Go for dental checkups.

It might seem quite expensive, but it should be done at least twice or thrice a year. Going for a checkup will help detect any dental problem which can be cured immediately. But in the case of severe dental issues, you can visit the dentist every three months.

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