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A Cheap Pressure Washer? Should You Get One in Less Price?

by ellysadunst23

Most industries have secrets… these are secrets about industrial practices that have never been most beneficial to consumers. That’s why the “insider reveals everything” book format sells so many books. Unfortunately for the careless user. The pressure washer industry is no different. What secrets can this industry hide?

Let me answer as honestly as I can… this is the secret to cheap high pressure washing. Known in the industry as ‘removal’

Disposable machines are simply the manufacture of pressure washers, where design and construction are of no concern to the consumer.

Well-designed and well-designed pressure washers for home owners and business owners provide unlimited use. It is truly a multifaceted engineering marvel.

The question you are now asking is, “Then why did the manufacturers abandon the device?”

The answer is very simple…easy money! Many manufacturers understand that the average consumer really has no idea. About what reliable pressure washer systems will make and this is something they can easily take advantage of.

As a former equipment rental owner for 15 years, I can personally attest that Joe’s customers have no knowledge of pressure washers.

Disposable items are only for one thing… the price is so low! The marketing equation is:

Lowest price = easiest to sell

Consumers are certainly not wrong. And how would he know?

The pressure washer industry as a whole should be classified as a fragmented industry. There are many great manufacturers on the market today. But in my opinion there are so many manufacturers with much lower scores than usual due to a lack of marketing integrity or manufacturing capabilities and in some cases both are willing to refuse a clearly inferior product to the unsuspecting public, a general stigma of a generally good and ethical industry.

Being ignored daily by customers for 15 years is what motivated me to create the website. The-Power-Washer-Advisor The main mission of this site is to bridge the knowledge gap and do your part to dry up the disposable pressure washer market.

Want to see a disposable pressure washer?… Just go to eBay and type pressure washer in the search box. What you will find are a number of “new” pressure washers, most of which are ruthlessly priced. The real deal, right? Not easy… eBay is the largest single-use atomizer screen ever in one place.

It is very easy for manufacturers to strip the quality of a pressure washer to get a price. Especially if users don’t know what to look out for.

Let’s analyze for a moment. Provides reverse engineering of the supply chain to derive basic costs for manufacturers. Pressure washer manufacturer X sells pressure washers to distributors at a 24% profit (some sales I don’t think many would dare to sell lower), now the average distributor will make about 30% if it’s “value for money”. So if the distributor’s price is $500, he can sell it for $649, so far so good. But what does it really cost manufacturers?

A 24% gain of $500 means that this manufacturer gets all the components. By providing labor to assemble and test the finished product, including covering its costs totaling $403…and its profit of $97, it offers a solid warranty and excellent service. Support… is pretty bad if you think about it.

Looking on eBay today, I found these prices at $129.99, $70.00, and $33.99 with our previous example, which corresponds to the manufacturer’s base cost. (Come to think of it… who knows?) At that price, really. Can they have a reliable warranty program or support service to talk to? You only need a few short pixels to fill the screen if you think so. They can even hatch in three to four months. But it won’t be a pressure washer.

Worst of all, it’s not just disposable cars that are disappointingly unreliable. But it is also dangerous. Especially when it comes to voltage atomizers. Electricity and water are incompatible in a poorly designed or built pressure washer.

And can you really trust the retailer? Let’s look at the example of a large store. I have an article on this website that I wrote on this topic. “The Truth About Honda Pressure Washers.” This article tells the story of a woman who was disappointed with the actual experience of a pressure washer that she thought was made by a reputable manufacturer and bought from what she thought was a retail store. Be a retailer you can trust (a well-known home superstore)

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