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A Complete Guide About Vinyl Flooring Maintenance:

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Vinyl Flooring Birmingham

Vinyl Flooring Birmingham:

Your new vinyl floor has been installed in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, so what’s next? How do you maintain it looking like new? How do you clean it?

Let’s speak the fundamentals! Like any other flooring, from time-to-time vinyl floors want cleaning. Whether it’s dirt, footprints or other grime, a clean floor makes a world of difference. Cleaning a vinyl floor is easy: use a smooth broom or vacuum cleaner and a wipe. It’s as easy as that. Practical and easy!

How regularly should I clean my vinyl floor?

How frequently your floor wants to be cleaned depends on the traffic and use of the room. A kitchen may also want to be cleaned more regularly than a hall. A lodge hall needs extra cleansing than a meeting room. It’s up to you to determine how you need to clean your floor in many examples, steady with the week. But how do you clean your Vinyl Flooring Birmingham?

1. Sweep the floor with a tender brush first to clear off all remaining dirt. You can also use a vacuum cleaner; however, do now not use vacuum cleaners with beater bars to avoid scratching.

2. Clean the floor with a clean damp wash or cloth. Make sure to rinse the mop with warm water often. Use a little detergent or preferred cleansing product.

3. If vital, take in any remaining water. Ensure there are no puddles of water on the floor.

Do vinyl floors need to be polished?

Cushion vinyl flooring with a further protecting coating, like our PU lacquer, do now not normally need polish. However, some of our floors may also require sharpening to guard the surface against staining and to give a floor shine. For more information about Vinyl Flooring Birmingham, see our guide.

Vinyl Flooring or Laminate Flooring – How to Choose?

The two front runners are luxury vinyl and laminate flooring for many owners seeking a low-cost choice of hardwood flooring for their houses. Both of those choices offer a surface this is reasonable, durable, and easy to maintain; the big question is, of course, which one is the best option of the 2.

Having new flooring of any form reputable in your home does contain a chunk of confusion, or even the cheap kinds need a good outlay, so it is essential to select the one on the way to work best for you and provide you with high-cost in your cash.

Whether it’s the mile comfort of installation or how simple it is to maintain, there are several factors that you’ll want to think about while making your choice.

Here we take a short study of the pros and cons of each type.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This has been a famous flooring desire for many years, having grown to be readily available in the 1980s, not only because of how it looks but also because it is very practical.

With modern technology and better acknowledgment of environmental matters, our Rigid cent center LVT are recycled plastic products, making them more environmentally pleasant.

Luxury vinyl differs from the vinyl you may be used to and is more commonly provided in individual portions, referred to as “planks”. It is made from four layers and is thicker than general vinyl. How these vinyl floors are made so that they can replicate nearly any ground surface, such as solid wood or marble.

This will offer you a sensible, stylish, and less expensive opportunity. Vinyl is a water-resistant and durable floor, making it an outstanding choice for houses with kids and pets. It is likewise immune to cuts and scuffs.

Laminate floors

As a choice for steady wood flooring, laminate has been a completely famous choice for decades. It is a fantastic, convincing substitute, and it’s far notably less high-priced. Like vinyl, laminate is made up of several layers. The top layer is a photo of the desired look. This is included with a defensive layer.

Laminate Flooring Birmingham is usually quite clean to suit, making it a cheaper option, and it can simply be ed using most newbie DIY-ers. This long-lasting flooring choice is scratch-resistant, even though felt pads on fixtures ft are commonly encouraged. It is also sincere too easy.


When it comes to which floor is the higher option, it genuinely depends on a combination of choice, budget, and which room you choose the floors for. However, with the new era of LVT and SPC Rigid Core and its benefits such as water resistance, very hard surface, and more, it looks like luxury vinyl flooring comes on top.

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