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A Guide to Fix Wavlink Extender Firmware Update Failed Issue

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For your Wavlink WiFi range extender to work smoothly, its firmware needs to be updated regularly manually using wifi wavlink com. However, if you are unable to update the extender’s firmware, then you might be in big trouble. But, fret not because we are here to help you. All you have to do is to walk through this write-up and learn how to troubleshoot while relaxing on your couch. Keep reading!

Why Wavlink Extender Firmware Update Failed?

Before we provide you with some of the best troubleshooting tips for getting the issue fixed, we want to make you familiar with the reasons first. The reason being, if you have the reasons in hand, it will be easy for you to resolve the issue.

Here is the list of the most common reasons:

  • You have a wonky internet connection

  • The connection between your host router and Wavlink WiFi extender is unstable

  • Technical glitches can also prevent you from successfully updating the Wavlink extender’s firmware

  • You haven’t followed the correct instructions to update the firmware of your Wavlink extender or have interrupted the process

Now that you are well aware of the reasons why the “Wavlink extender firmware update failed, follow the fixes outlined underneath and know how to troubleshoot the issue at hand.

Wavlink Extender Firmware Update Failed

The Solutions

Here are some of the best troubleshooting tips that will surely help you get rid of the “Wavlink extender firmware update failed” issue:

Fix 1: Reboot Your Wavlink Extender

To get the issue fixed instantly, you need to reboot your Wavlink WiFi extender. Sometimes, due to technical glitches, the firmware of the device failed:

Hence, to deal with the issue, you need to reboot your Wavlink WiFi extender. Here are the instructions that you need to follow:

  • Disconnect your host router from your Wavlink device.

  • Then, you need to turn off your Wavlink extender by unplugging it from its respective wall socket.

  • Once you think that you have given sufficient time to your Wavlink extender to take rest, plug it back in again.

Now, try to access the Wavlink login page and update the firmware of your extender. Here’s to hope that you are able to update the Wavlink extender’s firmware this time. If not, then continue reading this write-up.

Fix 2: Contact Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is wonky, then also it may prevent you from performing Wavlink WiFi extender firmware update. Hence, to get the issue fixed, you need to contact your internet service provider.

On the off chance, you find that internet-related issue persists from his end, ask him to fix it for you as soon as possible.

And, if you find that your ISP isn’t the culprit, then you need to check the connection (wired or wireless) between your Wavlink extender and router Chances are your devices are not properly connected due to which you are struggling with “Wavlink extender firmware update failed” issue.

Apart from this, if you keep them (Wavlink extender and router) at a distance, they will get issues while communicating with each other. Hence, ensure to place them in close proximity.

In the event that the wireless source doesn’t work for you, connect them using an Ethernet cable. But, ensure that the cable isn’t damaged and its ports are connected firmly into the correct ports of the devices.

Fix 3: Follow the Correct Instructions

If you have not followed the Wavlink extender’s firmware update instructions in the exact given order, then you might get issues while performing the process. Thus, follow them correctly as per the Wavlink extender’s model you have.

While the Wavlink extender firmware update process is going on, you must have patience. If you turn off your Wavlink extender or go online, then the process will get interrupted. So, let the firmware update process completes itself and also give it sufficient time to get downloaded on your Wavlink device.

To Sum Up

Although the hacks mentioned above will help you get rid of “Wavlink extender firmware update failed” issue, if they don’t, waste no more time and take the plunge to reset your device. Resetting is one of the effective remedies to fix major issues related to the Wavlink WiFi extender.

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