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Acrylic KeyChains

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What are they?

           A customized keychain makes a wonderful present for Christmas or any season. We’re making them for our educators and companions this season! They’re super-easy to make with a Cricut, and you can tweak them with a monogram or other customized plan. Assuming you have bunches of extra vinyl scraps from bigger Cricut projects

What is Expected to make the KeyChains?

  • this pack (or comparative) of acrylic keychain spaces, tufts and rings from Amazon
  • Cricut machine (I’m utilising the Cricut Investigate 3, however you could utilise the Investigate Air 2, Satisfaction or Creator)
  • 2+ shades of extremely durable vinyl (I’m utilising Brilliant Vinyl)
  • move tape

Instructions to make a Acrylic KeyChain with circuit:

1. Setting up the plan;

                       To start, open up Cricut Configuration Space and make your plan. I made a 2″ circle to match the 2″ acrylic keychain spaces. Then, I embedded the Cricut picture Brushed Foundation and resized it to fit inside the circle. At last, I utilised the Aldine text style to make monograms on top of each Brushed Foundation. Try to pick various varieties for the foundation and the monograms with the goal that they cut on various shades of vinyl. Erase the first circles and send your plan to your Cricut for cutting!

2. Cutting the pieces;

                   Presently, cut out all of your Brushed Foundation shapes one (or two!) shades of vinyl, and your monograms on another. I utilised red and turquoise vinyl for my experiences and sparkle gold vinyl for my monogram letters for custom keychains. I’m using Savvy Vinyl so I don’t need to use a Cricut mat.

Acrylic Keychains Supplies

  • Heart Clear Acrylic Keychain Spaces Set
  • Polymer Cuts – polymer dirt nail cuts come in an assortment of varieties, topics and shapes. This is an extraordinary spot to get polymer earth cuts. See beneath for additional choices.
  • Organic product cuts
  • Blended assortment of dirt cuts
  • Valentine’s Day dirt cuts here and here
  • Christmas dirt cuts
  • Charms – Add a tar engagement. for an additional plan component.
  • Sparkle Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Froth Paint Brush
  • Acrylic paint (discretionary)
  • Tweezers (discretionary)

Bearings for Acrylic Keychains

  1. Begin with your acrylic customized keychains clear. Make certain to eliminate the defensive cover on the two sides! Assuming you’re utilising an acrylic letter, try to deal with the contrary side from what you maintain that the front should be.
  2. To add extra craftsmanship you can paint on your keychain configuration, use acrylic paint and apply 2 coats for an even complexion.
  3. Paint a layer of sparkle paint onto your keychain clear.
  4. While the paint is as yet wet, add the polymer earth cuts. I utilised a couple of tweezers to make the position considerably more straightforward.
  5. When the paint is dry, add a dainty layer of Mod Podge over the polymer cuts.
  6. At last add your keychain key ring and decoration utilising pincers and presently you have lovely acrylic keychains.

What you want to make acrylic keychains with your Cricut;

  • Extremely durable vinyl in a top tone and a foundation tone
  • Discretionary: clear vinyl to safeguard it
  • Keychain spaces and equipment – or get a total set with decorations
  • Drill
  • Forceps
  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Standard Grasp mat
  • Move tape
  • Essential apparatus set

Instructions to make keychains with Cricut;

  1. Tips and Deceives before you start your acrylic keychains:
  • Continuously wipe down your acrylic round with liquor so the vinyl will stick better.
  • In the event that you are stressed over the vinyl lifting or scratching you can remove a circle of clear vinyl and put it on top of the plan.
  • Continuously be extremely delicate while eliminating the film from your acrylic piece so you don’t start to expose what’s underneath.
  • The surface gets fingerprints, so attempt to contact it as little as could really be expected. On the off chance that you in all actuality do get fingerprints, simply wipe the keychain down with liquor when wrapped up.
  1. Setting up Your Plans In Plan Space:
  •  In plan space open another undertaking. On the new task screen click transfer.
  •  Transfer your SVG document and follow the prompts to add it to your ventures. You’ll see that each plan is a different layer (note: this was made with an alternate SVG – I’ve added to it since this instructional exercise was made.)
  •  Incapacitate the layers you don’t want to make. Change your variety settings to suit you. Resize your layers to accommodate your spaces. At the point when you’re finished, save (consistently save!!) and hit “make it”. In the settings segment you will pick premium vinyl, default pressure, fine point sharp edge.

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