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All about Halo Rings

by sophia

Diamond rings with a halo setting have a centre stone that is surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds. The sparkle and shine of these pavé stones draw the eye and focus on the centre diamond, making the whole thing look very elegant. This adds intrigue and highlights the diamond in the ring. A large round diamond characterises a halo diamond ring in the centre, surrounded by a more petite halo of diamonds on either side. The central stone does not have to be a diamond, and some individuals would rather have a halo of jewels.

On the other hand, halo engagement rings stand out as the most popular option. Many famous people and royalty throughout the world favour them. The traditional diamond engagement ring is no match for the size and audacity of vintage rings. Halo diamond engagement rings are now fashionable due to their retro design. They epitomise what it is to have a modern aesthetic.

Halo diamond rings have several advantages.

Halo engagement rings are alluring because they create a larger diamond illusion in a symbolic rather than literal sense. A massive diamond in the centre will appear much more prominent with a halo setting. The halo has the added benefit of making diamonds of any carat weight look more substantial on the finger. A halo band is a terrific option if you want the most sparkle for your money while shopping for an engagement ring. A diamond of any carat size will appear more significant and impressive when placed in a halo.

Rings with Side Diamonds for a Halo

These days, most people who wear a halo ring also wear a diamond on the ring’s band or its shank as an accent. This not only makes the design shinier but also makes it more sophisticated. Yet, smaller diamonds around the central stone must look well with it. Choose any shape, from baguette to trillion cuts to marquise to tiny round diamonds. 

All centre diamond shapes benefit from a baguette accent diamond, but the emerald or princess cut stands out beautifully when paired with a marquise accent diamond. They are a more flexible alternative to traditional baguette accent diamonds. Diamonds with a trillion cuts have a lot of fire and may complement other dazzling centre stones like round or oval diamonds. Just as round accent diamonds look beautiful with every style or setting, they also work well with any form of the main stone.

Diamonds as an Engagement Ring Accent

It’s important to remember that accent diamonds shouldn’t be any more significant than a sixth of the size of the main stone while making your selection. If not, they risk detracting from the show’s star—the central stone in your engagement ring. Depending on the style you choose, halo accent diamonds are typically between 0.01 and 0.20 carats in weight. This is, of course, unless you’re going for a more elaborate aesthetic that calls for an enormous halo.

Natural vs Man-Made Brilliant-Cut Side Diamonds

You can buy either a lab-grown halo or a natural diamond. You probably already know that lab-grown diamonds have the appearance and feel of a natural diamond but are more affordable and less damaging to the environment. Choose between natural or lab-grown diamonds for the halo and any additional accent diamonds.

Halo Rings with a Vintage Flair

Do you want something with a little more detail than a standard band? There are many vintage-inspired rings available, many of which have metal elements and halo diamonds to create a luxurious, layered appearance. These rings are indeed works of art because of the intricate metalwork that goes into each one, such as the intricate milgrain, beading or scalloped edges.

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