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Aware Yourself About the Reasons to Learn Python Certification

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Python has been certified as one of the three major programming languages by Google, the world’s largest IT Company. Large companies such as Microsoft and Facebook have also introduced Python, gaining popularity in recent years. Because of its popularity, many people may think, “I want to join microsoft online courses, but what can I do?”

What is Python?

One of the open-source programming languages is Python. It is “easy to read,” “easy to understand,” “easy to learn,” and highly practical, and has recently been attracting attention in the fields of AI development and extensive data analysis.

The Advantages of Python

Let’s explore the appeal of the python certification course:

Simple code

The most significant advantage of cloud computing is the simplicity of the code. Python has many rules that emphasize readability and ease of writing. For example, one of them is the “offside rule” that forcibly indents when processing if statements and for loops. The code is easy to understand for anyone who writes it, and it is easy for even IT beginners to decipher code.

The following is the same “7 + 3” formula expressed in Java and Python. Just by looking at this, you can see that the Python code is simple. The simplicity of the code also has the advantage of being less prone to mistakes and errors.

Easy to prepare development environment

Any popular OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, can run Python. Depending on the OS, Python may be installed as a standard. Since it is easy to prepare the development environment, even beginners can touch Python without spending money.

Plenty of practical libraries and frameworks

When developing a system, a collection of programs used for general purposes is called a “library,” A series of processes that have already been implemented is called a “framework” that you use while implementing a part of it yourself. Python has great libraries and frameworks that can be used in various fields such as image processing, web development, and statistical processing, and is helpful for cloud secuirity, improving development efficiency, and simplifying code. 

Easy to find mistakes

Programming languages are divided into “interpreted languages” and “compiled languages,” depending on how the programmed strings are converted into object code that the computer can understand. Python is an interpreted language.

Compiler language converts code into object code all at once, while interpreter language converts code line by line into object code, and the program stops when an error occurs. For this reason, interpreted languages are characterized by the fact that it is easy to identify the location of the error and that it takes less time to decipher the error.

It’s simple to learn.

Python certification course has a structure that is intuitively easy to understand even for IT beginners, so it is also recommended as the first language for beginners to learn. Overseas, it seems that Python is often adopted as an educational language. Also, since Python tends to be similar code no matter who writes it, one of the advantages is that microsoft certified professional can study while looking at the code written by veteran engineers.

What can Python do?

Let’s look at what kind of scenes are used explicitly from those features of Python, along with usage examples.

Development of AI (artificial intelligence)

It was the development of Microsoft artifitial intelligence that triggered Python to attract attention. It is trendy in the area of machine learning among AI. The reason is that Python is good at data processing, such as statistics and calculations, and there are abundant libraries related to machine learning.

Web application service development

Web application services require development speed. Python’s execution speed is slow, but it has a wide range of web frameworks and is characterized by extremely high development efficiency. In other words, it is characterized by being able to provide the services that users want quickly.

Data analysis

Python has a rich library that can be used in the “crawling,” “scraping,” and “data preprocessing” processes necessary for data analysis and is one of the languages with a high ability to process large amounts of data.

For this reason, Python is also useful for extensive data analysis and is becoming an indispensable language for data scientists. 

Blockchain development

Blockchain technology can record data with high tamper resistance and transparency and has been introduced in fields such as medical care and logistics, including virtual currencies. Python is widely used in blockchain development because it has large libraries such as “hashlib” and numerical calculations required for this blockchain technology.

What kinds of tasks do you perform with Python?

The job content varies greatly depending on the job type. In general, there are four tasks that use Python:

● Artificial intelligence (AI) engineer

AI, machine learning, proposal and development of services using deep learning technology, etc.

● Web application engineer

Web application service development, etc.

● Data scientist

Analysis of big data, policy planning, proposals, etc.

● Automation of marketing tasks, analysis of images/data, etc.


The future of Python and Microsoft certification courses is very high. The reason is that Python certiication course is good at developing fields with high future potential, such as “microsoft certifications” such as machine learning and deep learning, and “big data.” In particular, the market size of the AI field is expanding at a growth rate of about 50% compared to the previous year, and various companies are beginning to enter the AI field.

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