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Can’t Perform D-Link WiFi Extender Setup?

by susan23

Are you unable to perform D-Link WiFi extender setup? If your answer is a big yes, then this piece of writing can prove a big help to you. Just follow the fixes provided here and get a fix for DLink extender setup issue in a flash. Let’s get started!

[Fixed] Can’t Perform D-Link WiFi Extender Setup

The fixes to troubleshoot the issue are highlighted below. Kindly read the fixes first and after understanding them, apply them to get the setup-related problem fixed.

Restart Your WiFi Range Extender

Restarting or power cycling can be a common fix. But, trust us, it is one of the effective remedies to resolve the issue at hand.

Instructions to restart or power cycle the DLink WiFi extender are as follows:

  • Turn off your range extender.
  • Keep the extender turned off for 5-6 minutes.
  • Now, you need to turn the extender on.
  • The LEDs on your DLink device will start blinking. Wait till it gets stable.

Try performing D-Link WiFi extender setup process again using https dlinkap local to see if you rack up success or not.

No Luck? Connect Your Extender and Router

If you are still not able to set up your WiFi range extender even after restarting it, then make sure to connect it with your host router. Bear in mind, no connection between the devices (router and extender) will surely going to give you setup-related issues. So, connect your devices using the instructions highlighted below and make a clear way to D-Link WiFi extender setup.

How to Connect the Devices?

Here’s how to connect extender and router in a wireless manner:

To connect your range extender and router wirelessly, you must keep them in reach of each other. Then, press the WPS button on your extender and within a minute, press the WPS button on your router.

Make sure that your router is WPS-capable. If it is not, then feel free to connect them in a wired manner.

Here’s how to connect extender and router using wired source:

To connect your range extender and router using a wired source, take an Ethernet cable and insert its one end into your DLink device and other end into your existing one (the router). Ensure that the wired connection isn’t loose and the cable is well-working.

Still the Same? Contact Your ISP

Chances are your internet connection is wonky and that is not allowing you complete the extender setup process. Hence, to rack up success, it is suggested you coordinate with your ISP and make sure that everything is good going from his end. Just in case, your ISP has put down your internet services down for maintenance, just wait till things get back to normal. In addition to that, to perk up your existing internet speed, ask the ISP to upgrade your data plan.

Reset and Reconfigure the Extender

If the things are still not in your hand, then consider the resetting process as the last resort.

To reset the extender, the first thing that you have to do is to disconnect it from your host router. Once you are done with disconnecting them, locate the reset hole on the extender and press it using a paper clip. Hold the reset hole for about 10 seconds, and release it.

In this manner, you can reset your WiFi range extender while relaxing on your couch. Now, reconnect your DLink device to your router either using a wired or wireless source. Kindly verify the connection ensuring it is perfectly made!

Now, try to execute the D-Link WiFi extender setup process again using https dlinkap local (manual method). Ensure to follow the setup instructions in the exact way they are provided.

In a Nutshell

DLink WiFi range extender have grabbed many eyeballs across the globe. Not only internet lovers are choosing the extender, but every 3rd user is replacing their existing WiFi device with DLink.

Our article comes to an end here. We really hope that after following the fixes provided above, you will be able to perform D-Link WiFi extender setup using https dlinkap local web address. In the event, your range extender is successfully installed, you are free to connect all the devices in your home to the extended WiFi (SSID) and enjoy the super-fast speed of the internet from any nook and cranny of your house.

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