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Throwing a College Dorm Party

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Before throwing a College Dorm Party, you’ll want to make sure you know what the rules are. It’s important to consult with your RA first and ask for permission to throw the party. There are also several things you need to keep in mind, like putting up safety zones and covering any other areas that might be dangerous. If you are a first-time college dorm party host, it’s a good idea to consult with your RA before throwing the party.

Disco lights are perfect for a 70s or 80s themed party

If your college party theme is a return to the ’70s or ’80s, disco lights will be a must-have. These lights can be mounted on a ceiling or wall and feature sound-activated modes to synchronize colors to the music. Some disco lights even feature wireless connectivity, which lets you control the colors with music. While most disco lights are battery-powered, you can get some sound-activated models that play music when you switch them on.

These lights are perfect for a college party because they produce bright rays of color throughout the room. They are perfect for parties because they move along with the music and are easy to handle and place in the room. You can also purchase strobe lights that can be used as night lights. Because they are so portable, you won’t have to worry about them taking up valuable party space.

Disposable cups are a great option for a 21+ party

Most disposable cups are made of plastic, but some are also made of compostable materials. Some do not specify their materials. The most common type of compostable cup is made of soy protein. It performs similarly to traditional plastic, but is commercially compostable. A 21+ college dorm party is a great opportunity to experiment with compostable cups. The environment will be glad you did.

Before throwing a 21+ college dorm party, it is important to make sure all students are comfortable with drinking. While some college dormitories allow alcohol consumption, others do not. Always check with your dorm’s resident advisors to make sure you don’t violate any dorm rules. Additionally, if you’re throwing a party for roommates, make sure you communicate these limits to them before the party. No one wants to ruin their relationship because of party boundaries.

Consult your RA before throwing a party

Before putting together your college dorm party, consult with your RA. If you have questions about how to throw the perfect party, he or she can give you some helpful advice. Make sure you have permission from your RA, so you don’t end up causing any problems. Also, make sure to tell your neighbors, so that they can be on guard and alert the RA in case something goes wrong.

Make sure to invite only the people you really want to invite. College parties can be loud and can get out of control, so keep noise levels in check. Also, be sure to avoid alcohol and smoking. If you must serve alcohol, make sure to keep it under control and hide it from your RA so that everyone can enjoy themselves. If your dorm has a specific drinking limit, consult your RA to get the okay.

Music to play at a college dorm party

One way to create a great atmosphere for your dorm party is to play some upbeat music that the students can enjoy. Popular party songs such as Mo Bamba and Two Step are great choices for a college dorm party, and they’re not just for parties! They’re great for promoting interaction among the guests. They also make for good sing-alongs. Whatever genre you want to play, you’ll find the perfect song to set the mood.

For the adults, consider using songs that are relevant to the party’s theme. For a summertime party, play a song by Demi Lovato. This summertime favorite is an international hit that was featured during various world events. The catchy tune has a unique feel and is sure to appeal to a broad audience. If you’re looking to get the whole crowd talking, try playing music from the summer.

Snacks to serve

There are many healthy snacks to choose from for a college dorm party. Hummus is a great snack choice and it pairs well with pretzel chips, carrots and pita chips. Pretzels go well with Nutella. Popcorn is a staple for any college party, so be sure to choose pre-popped popcorn over microwaved. If your college dorm is small, consider buying extra bags of chips and pretzels.

Another great option is to make a fruit platter. Strawberries and canned whipped cream go well together. If you don’t have access to fresh fruit, you can purchase canned versions or make your own. These are easy to make and a great snack for a college party. They also go well with crackers and vegetables. You can even make a dip for everyone to enjoy.

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