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Difference Between Juicer Mixer Grinder And Mixer Grinder

by Silvia Watson

Juicer mixer grinders and mixer grinders have made their space in the Indian kitchen. But the dependence on opting for one differs according to the family size and needs. Here, we discuss the much-needed debate – “the mixer grinder vs the juicer mixer grinder.”

Juicer Mixer Grinder

It is a small electric appliance that runs on a motor. It is a combination of one central juicer mixer grinder, juicer jar, and different multipurpose jars. The centrifugal juicer jar has a pusher that crushes the fruit and vegetable to provide maximum juice out of the pulp. 

In addition, this jar has an anti-drip spout which is detachable and helps prevent any spillage of the prepared juice. The multipurpose jars included in a juicer mixer grinder can be used for dry grinding, wet grinding, and chutney. The wattage of the appliance ranges from 450 to 1000 Watts.

A juicer mixer grinder has a specially designed sieve with a large pulp-size container. It has an inbuilt overload protector that provides safety. At the same time, its disadvantage is that all the juicer fitting needs to be removed before grinding materials. Further, sometimes, the seeds of the fruits may also get crushed and mixed with the juice.

Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is an electric appliance for mixing food ingredients, dry grinding, and wet grinding. The wattage of the mixer grinder motor ranges from 400 watts to 1200 watts. The higher the wattage, the higher the electric consumption and noise production. 

An ideal mixer grinder for domestic purposes has a motor of 500 to 750 watts. There are a number of jars designed for various purposes, such as preparing puree, dry masalas, and making chutneys. Sometimes, a mixer grinder is also used as a juicer.

Mixer grinders have an overload protector and jars with transparent lids. They are smartly designed to speed up the preparation and enhance durability. But along with these benefits, the higher the wattage of the mixer grinder, the higher the heating issue and noise production.

Difference between Juicer Mixer Grinder and Mixer Grinder

Compared to the juicer mixer grinder, a mixer grinder is very commonly used in Indian kitchens. Therefore, a mixer grinder is relatively cheaper than a juicer grinder. While a juicer mixer grinder helps in blending juices along with separate jars for purposes like grinding, making chutneys, and preparing idli batter, a mixer grinder is used for grinding, blending, mixing, and mincing.

Since there are fewer jars in the mixer grinder, it needs less space for storage. Though both mixer grinder and juicer mixer grinder are easy to clean, cleaning the latter may consume more time because of multiple attachments.

Key Takeaways

Both mixer grinders and juicer mixer grinders are commonly used in Indian kitchens. Sometimes, it may be hard to find any difference between both of them because both have the same functionalities, except that the juicer mixer grinder helps in smooth juice preparation. You can read more such articles on GuideByTips.

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