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Download music from Youtube

by sophia

Looking for ways to download music from Youtube? There are programs and websites that can allow you to do so. Find out which ones to choose and whether it’s legal to download music from YT in mp3 format.

Dislike of the service, the desire to keep the music in mp3 format, lack of internet connection in the future – the reasons why we download our favourite songs in mp3 format are many and varied. What’s more in mancy cases, the experience is hindered by a slow broadband which makes it virtually impossible to watch the video in high quality live as it buffers and pauses constantly. In situations like this, it is a smart idea to look at Atlantek Broadband Fibre Deals so your viewing experience is perfect even in 1080p. Downloading music from YouTube can be done via programs and websites dedicated to this task – in the text we present those that are the most popular choices and will be useful for the task.

In connection with downloading music on our private carrier, the question of the legality of such a solution often arises. Can we distribute music downloaded in this way ourselves? We will try to answer these and other questions in the text.

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So let’s remember that we are not allowed to distribute songs online or make changes to them. As long as you keep the music in mp3 format on your disc, you are safe and will not experience any unpleasant consequences. However, I would like to remind you that downloading mp3s from YT is prohibited by YouTube’s terms of use, and in theory your account could be blocked, for example, if it can be proven that it was the person who downloaded the song from the platform at the time who logged in.

Beware of suspicious sites that advertise themselves as the best way to download mp3s from YouTube

If you type phrases like “mp3 yt”, “mp3 youtube download”, “download music from youtube” into your search engine, you will come across many online tools that offer simple and fast downloads not only from YouTube, but also from other websites. Here we recommend that you be careful – not all sites on the Internet are what they claim to be. Many of them may be full of errors or, even worse, download dangerous software disguised as mp3 files to your computer.

In these cases, we recommend caution, avoiding suspicious and unpopular sites and using defensive measures such as antivirus software and firewalls. We should not underestimate the risks and download files that we are not sure about. If you want to download a track by your favourite artist, you could be in big trouble.

How to download mp3 from YouTube – the best ways

Here’s an overview of the best methods for downloading mp3s from YT – the methods described below apply not only to programs that we can install on our drives, but also to all online tools. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, and your choice should take into account how often you plan to download mp3 songs.

Motionbox YouTube to MP3

Let’s start with the web tool, which is characterized by its minimalist design, the presence of basic features and the fact that you can rely on it. It’s all based on choosing the type of extension (the site offers many different formats in addition to mp3) and inserting the link to the song in question. The site then performs the conversion and in a minute the song itself is ready, extracted from the recording. The big advantage is that we can listen to it freely – in its entirety – before downloading it. Although the site offers paid packages, the free version is quite sufficient for downloading songs from YouTube.

DoremiZone is an example of a tool that can be used in two ways, both as a website and as a separate installer that can be downloaded to disk. The first option is quite sufficient if you download occasionally. The separate installer is worth considering, for example, when we want to download entire playlists.


Another easy-to-use online tool. The whole procedure consists of entering the link (or typing the title of the recording) and that’s it: the website starts the conversion and after a minute the result is ready. The nice thing about this site is that you can download it in mp3 and mp4 formats. If you’re interested in lower quality, there’s nothing stopping you from downloading them as well.

Download for free from YouTube using fibre broadband connection from Atlantek

This is a tool that you have to download and install on your disc, but don’t worry because FYD is a very easy to use programme. With this programme you can download music from YouTube, even multiple songs at once. Videos or songs can be automatically downloaded one after another if you have chosen to save them in a special list, such as favourites or recently played recordings. Using YouTube Free Download is easy and intuitive. Just enter the link to the desired song or video and specify the file format in which you want to save the material.

With Free YouTube Download you can do a lot of things: Useful if you often download from YouTube.

A simple and intuitive programme that allows you to download music from YouTube for free (but not only). This tool can do more than just download files. You can save your downloaded videos in any format. ClipGrab produces both low and high quality videos, so you have a choice here too. If you don’t want to download the full version of the clip with video and images, you can use the extraction function to extract these two layers.

ClipGrab has its own search engine that allows you to find the file you want. Just enter the video name or relevant keywords. You don’t even need to paste a link to the file you want: ClipGrab does it for you. ClipGrab supports mp3, mp4, MPEG-4 and other file formats.

Youtube mp3 Uno

A site to download mp3 and video formats directly to our device. It’s very intuitive, so even inexperienced people won’t get lost. You can download different audio formats (even in terms of quality) and videos such as mp4, mkv or f4v.

How to download MP3 files from Acethinker YouTube online for free

This is a popular site for many users, as evidenced by the fact that it allows unlimited downloads and there are no restrictions on the length of videos it can handle. Acethinker is also very secure, so you don’t have to fear downloading malware or other malicious software along with your favourite songs.


With this free tool, you can quickly convert YT videos to mp3 format without hiding the download link from users. Everything is quick, easy, and without unnecessary interruptions from other sites, especially those of dubious reputation. 


A download manager with the ability to download mp3 files from over 1,000 video stations, in addition to YT. It may seem a bit complicated to use, but there are plenty of instructions online (and on the official site) to guide you through a successful installation and download process.

You already know the best way to download music from the YouTube platform. You also know that this is not illegal in our country, as long as you remember to follow certain rules. We hope you find our options useful.

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