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Download PDF Drive: How To Drive Ben Collins Advice

by ellysadunst23

When you’re a racing driver, every day is different. Sometimes it is time for intense fitness training. It is meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures. It can be an interview about the latest cars. With the help of world-famous racing driver Ben Collins, we have devised a guide that will teach you how to drive like a stunt car pro. In this ultimate guide to driving like Ben, the former Top Gear Stig reveals his tips for mastering car control and throttle, brake, and steering techniques – but he also demonstrates them all in action on camera. So whether you’re starting from first principles or simply looking to hone your skills further, this is everything you need to know about how to drive like Ben Collins. This manual is from PDF Drive, where you can obtain millions of no chargee reading materials. Keep reading!

Basics of driving fast

Your car should be in good shape if you’re heading out to drive fast. You should be able to make any adjustments to the vehicle, such as tire pressure or alignment, that will make it safe at speed. Bear in mind that driving fast is not only about the car. It is about the driver, too. It takes time to become familiar with a vehicle, so be patient. There are a few basic rules that you should always follow when driving fast, such as always keeping two hands on the wheel and avoiding distractions. Find a safe place to drive where you can push the car to its limits.

Be comfortable behind the wheel. If you’re tense or stressed in your environment, the car will be an uncomfortable place to be. Check that you have the right shoes, correct seat position, and foot position. Think of your foot placement as like the hand position on a rifle. The hand needs to rest gently to allow you to squeeze the trigger. Too much pressure will cause shaking, while too little will cause the rifle to be inaccurate. The same goes for your right foot on the pedals.


Shifting weight and balance

Weight distribution is essential for driving fast. It will be hard to control if you have the car’s weight distributed somewhere near the back or the front. If the weight is distributed somewhere in the middle, it will be much easier to control the car. If you have the weight distributed towards the inside, it will also help with car control. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that whatever you’re sitting on, such as the seat or a racing seat, is shifted slightly towards the inside. You should also ensure that the steering wheel is towards the outside. The last thing you want to do is sit too far towards the outside, which would shift the weight towards the front of the car.

If you’re at a track day and have a car quick around corners, other people will want to know how you do it! One of the key elements is to transfer your body weight to the outside of the car. It can be done by moving your hips to the left (if you’re in the driver’s seat) and towards the door. A good trick is to try and touch your knee to the door. It transfers your weight outside and allows you to open the inside of the car up. You can use this same technique in a straight line, but it’s essential in a corner.

The importance of brakes

You can go as fast as you want, but you’re never going anywhere if you don’t have the brakes to slow you down. To get the most from a car brake is to use them. If you have a car capable of going straight and hard into a corner and coming straight back out again, you have to be careful not to lock up the wheels. You can use trail braking to decrease your speed. It is where you’re braking in a straight line and rolling off the gas. The key with trail braking is to keep the wheels from locking up by not using too much brake pressure. You can also brake with your fingertips on the wheel and not the palms of your hands. It will give you more sensitivity and control over the wheel.

The brake pads need to be strong enough to take the heat from intensive driving and cool down quickly between uses so that you don’t overheat the brakes. When driving fast, you want to be able to brake late. It means that you need to have sticky brake pads with a good coefficient of friction so that when you press the brakes, they create a lot of friction to stop the car. The best way to see if your brakes are good enough is to drive out somewhere and try to brake as late as possible.

Finding the limit with oversteering

Oversteering is when the back of the car begins to slide or fishtail. It usually occurs when you’re going through a corner at high speed or going through a corner too quickly. You want to ensure that when you are going through a corner at a high rate of speed, you want to stay on the accelerator while going through the corner. If you lift off the accelerator, it will cause the back of the car to slide, which is called oversteer. The best way to apply this is to steer a little earlier than normal. It will unload the inside rear tire, which will help with the oversteer. If you can get the back of the car to slide early, it will make it easier to control.


Driving fast is all about confidence. If you feel comfortable in your surroundings, you are more likely to push yourself. You’re well on your way to becoming a racing driver with the right clothes, equipment, and healthy fitness. To drive like a racing driver, you need to transfer your body weight to the outside of the car, use your hands to squeeze the wheel, use both foot techniques (fixed and open), and control your throttle for a smooth exit. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you’ll be on your way to driving fast! For more reliable guides on driving, visit PDF Drive!

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