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Everything You Need to Know About Dane Baptiste

by postvines7
Dane Baptiste

The great thing about comedy shows is that you could go and see several each week and they are all going to be different. Each comedian has their own style, as well as the energy they bring to the stage. This does mean that some shows are going to be your favourites while others will not quite be to your taste.

In order to get an impression of a comedy show, you should check out the performers beforehand. This way, you are likely to select shows you will really enjoy.

For example, you may have seen Dane Baptiste’s name coming up a lot when you are looking for comedy shows in London. So, let’s learn about him and what you can expect at his shows.

It started in 2012

Some comedians choose to enter the scene when they are older. But Dane Baptiste was relatively young. He grew up in Hither Green, which is a district in South East London.

While he has been a writer and presenter, he ventured into comedy in 2012 and has never looked back. His natural humour and gift for telling stories mean that he has risen to fame and has many fans across the UK.

To begin with, Dane Baptiste had a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This was a hit and was called Citizen Dane. He also had shows around London, as well as hitting the road and taking things international. This was with a show called The Chocolate Chip.

It was not long before Dane Baptiste was nominated for awards. In particular, this happened as the best newcomer comedian at the Edinburgh Festival. Indeed, it is likely that he will be nominated for more since people love his comedy.

Made It to Television

There is a certain point where comedians reach a certain amount of success and they will appear on television. Indeed, this is often when they are nominated for awards and a lot of people like them. Well, this certainly happened for Dane Baptiste.

He made it onto television for his comedy. This included being on big shows that you will have heard of before and may have watched. This includes Mock the Week, as well as 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. If you are a fan of Live at the Pollo, he has also been a host on the show.

Prepare for Something Different

Something to note about Dane Baptiste is that he is not a comedian that is following the crowd. In fact, he is known for revolutionising the comedy world and this is something that is exciting. For example, he has said before that he is ‘unapologetically black’. You can expect his humour to be provocative and test boundaries, as well as to discuss controversial topics. He is not afraid to talk about racism, as well as politics.

Observational comedy is also going to be part of his performance, which is what a lot of people like. So, he will take situations you can relate to and add his own comments to make you laugh. You are going to be entertained from the moment you take your seat to the end of the show.

Should I See a Dane Baptiste Show?

Now that you know more about Dane Baptiste, there is one thing you have to consider. Would you like to go and see one of his shows? You might be apprehensive about going to see someone new. After all, you want to ensure that you have a fun time and do not waste your money, as well as avoid disappointing friends if you are in charge of booking tickets. So, let’s summarise what you need to know about Dane Baptiste so you can make your mind up.

When you go to one of his shows, expect controversial topics, observational comedy and provocative humour. He is someone that will have you laughing all night but he is not afraid to talk about subjects nobody else wants to. There is no doubt that he has a lot of fans because of the way he is confident and bold in his shows.

Let’s not forget that Dane Baptiste has experience. He has been doing comedy since 2012 and has been featured on popular television shows alongside other big comedians. He does not shy away and has also done plenty of stand-up comedy in different locations. So, you can expect a show to be entertaining from beginning to end.

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