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Guide to Buying Your First Home

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Buying your first home is really an exciting chapter of your lives, but unfortunately no matter how happy you might be for finally having your own home, the process itself can be overwhelming and complicated.

In this article we will share all the tips, and what to think about before you buy your first home.

Finances 4 zida

First and foremost, carefully calculate your available funds. Define a price range that you can afford then start looking for a house or apartment. Check about all financing options that you have available at your disposal. Make sure you understand the financing process, the interest rates, and what to expect in terms of any related expenditures. Think about how much you can deposit, how big loan will you need and how long will it take to pay it back.

Don’t forget to save enough for any additional expenses like legal fees, as well as any unexpected expenses that might arise in the future.

Svastara Type of home that corresponds with your needs

Once you make sure that you have all the necessary funds and once you have defined how much you can afford it, you need to define what kind of home will correspond to your needs. When deciding about what type of home you need, be realistic and don’t dream of a place if you won’t be able to afford it.

Each home type has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your homeownership goals, so you need to decide which type of property will help you reach those goals. Decide weather you want to buy a property that is filled with all the basic appliances, one that is empty or one that has all rooms filled with furniture and appliances.

Look on online marketplace websites like MojTrg rs to get an idea of the properties available and the price of properties in certain areas.

Then, we advise that you make a list of priorities starting with the most important first.

For example:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want your future home to have?
  • Are you looking for one storey house or more?
  • Do you want to be near local shops and parks?
  • Are schools important to you?
  • Do you plan on using public transportation?
  • Do you need a home with large yard?
  • Do you want to find a house that is located outside of the town in more relaxed area, or something in the centar of the town?

Of course, you need to create this list while having in mind that you might have to do compromise on some of the things. You can not always find everything you want.

Looking for a home polovni automobili

Once you have defined all the details about your future home, the next step is to start looking for available properties. Some of the things we suggest you to ask about while viewing the properties are:

  • How long has the house/apartment been on the market?
  • What renovations have been done?
  • Are white goods in the kitchen and the bathroom included?
  • What kind of heating and cooling solutions have been installed?
  • How many owners had it had previously?

What tips you would like to share for the first time home buyers?

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