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How Can I Set Up My Wavlink Extender?

by elonwayne2
Wavlink WiFi extender login

You can set up your Wavlink extender either using the Wavlink WiFi extender login details (manual method) or the WPS method. However, to get complete setup instructions, you have to go through this piece of writing. Hence, stick to this 3-minute read!

First, we will discuss with you the most easy method to set up your Wavlink WiFi range extender i.e. using the WPS method. Therefore, to get the step-by-step guidelines, you need to scroll down a little and have a quick nudge at the below-mentioned section.

How to Set Up Wavlink Extender via WPS?

This method can be employed by those users who have a router that has the WPS button on it.

Step 1: First things first, you need to turn on your Wavlink WiFi range extender. Be sure to plug it into a working outlet. Before proceeding further, you have to be 100 percent sure that steady and fluctuation-free power is being supplied to your Wavlink device, and that too from a working outlet.

Step 2: After plugging in the Wavlink extender, the power LED on it will start flashing. You have to wait for it till it gets stable.

Step 3: As soon as you see the LEDs on your Wavlink extender are lit, locate and press the WPS button present on it.

Step 4: Wait for a few seconds and then press the WPS button on your host router.

Until you reach this step, your Wavlink extender will be configured already using the WPS method.

As we have already said, this method can only be employed by those users who have a WPS-capable router. Fret not if your router doesn’t have the WPS button on it. Just take the help of the manual method for the configuration of your Wavlink WiFi extender.

How to Set Up Wavlink Extender Manually?

Step 1: Turn on your Wavlink WiFi range extender. Ensure to choose a working wall socket for it.

Step 2: Thereafter, you have to make a connection between your Wavlink extender and router. You can get the job done using a wired or wireless source. While establishing a connection between your Wavlink extender and router, you have to keep the closer. How? By making use of two wall sockets or an extension cord.

Step 3: Now, you need to turn on your PC or laptop and have access to the extender’s WiFi.

Step 4: Hover your mouse cursor over the web browser address bar and enter wifi.wavlink.com without committing typing errors.

You Are All Done!

After entering the Wavlink extender’s default web address in the address bar, when you hit the Enter key, you will see that you are successfully redirected to the Wavlink login window. Here, you have to enter the correct Wavlink WiFi extender login password into the required field and click on the Login button. Now, you will see that the dashboard of your Wavlink extender has successfully appeared. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Wavlink setup process with ease.

That’s how you can complete the Wavlink WiFi extender setup using the manual or the WPS method. Now, you can unplug your Wavlink extender and move it to the location of your choice. But, we recommend that you choose a location that is near your router and where you need the WiFi the most.

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