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How Do I get a Vintage Look in my Home?

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There’s just something about a vintage style. It allows us to relieve past eras in the present, bringing age-old traditions right into the center of our living rooms. If there’s one thing you can take to the bank, it’s that vintage décor will never go out of style. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, and one that you can cash in later on when money-strapped, as certain collectibles can have an appreciative value about them. 

If you’re sold on Vintage and are keen to fuse a vintage style into your home, join us today as we give you the complete lowdown. 

An Antique Clock is a Great Place to Start your Vintage Revolution 

Most homes today have some sort of timepiece dangling over a wall or two. But a majority of the time, the clocks in our homes serve purely functional purposes and are rarely anything but. An antique clock is a great way to turn back the hands of time, bringing the fashion of old right into the elegance that will be your living room. All the while elevating the aesthetic value of what has come to be an often underrated and overlooked piece of home décor

Beyond the past-century finesse that an antique clock affords, these are also desirable for your home in many other respects as well. Vintage wall clocks tend to be: 

  • Eco-friendly, that’s because most of them aren’t fueled by batteries like today’s digital clocks
  • Unique, few vintage wall clocks look ever the same. So you’re guaranteed a piece of history with a distinct period look that your guests will be gushing over
  • Easily repairable since there’s an abundance of technicians who service such pieces

Up your Vintage Mirror Game 

Suffocating for space in a stuffed home? Every interior designer will suggest adding mirrors for the illusion of space. But mirror decorations serve much more purpose than just that. Vintage designs can uplift an ordinary space into something more. 

If you’re open to suggestions, we’ll specifically suggest the Ikaros Vintage Wall Mirror from Artisans Rose, and here’s why: 

  • The finish cracks, knots, and generally natural imperfections in the wood give this mirror a truly timeless feel. 
  • It’s hand-made and has a personal touch to it
  • Great value for money. It comes with free shipping across India

This vintage mirror piece isn’t just great for the nether regions of your study or bedroom, it can also be the focal point of your living room. The decorative, past-century frames catch the eye right off the bat, and the mirror at large is a great way to make an unapologetically vintage statement. 

Get Vintage Lights for Living Room Appeal

We may have talked about your living room a lot, but that’s largely because that’s where most of the action happens. With the exception of family and really close friends, the lion’s share of your guests won’t stray beyond your living room. 

Now the next thing to consider is if you want a vintage look in your home are vintage interior lighting fixtures. Artisans Rose has a breadth of options at the ready for you to explore, so we’ll borrow their products for inspiration:

  • Horus vintage lamp shade: Named after an Egyptian deity, this rustic upcycled lampshade truly screams collectible and would add that vintage pop you’re looking for to any space. Small yet distinctively unmissable, this Vintage lamp piece is set to steal the spotlight
  • Tansey Lantern: Delve even further back in history with the Tansey lantern, a handcrafted work of art to bring a mix of contemporary chic and medieval tones to your home. It looks particularly wonderful when hung off a ceiling
  • Overhead aglow pendant lamp. Bearing a strong rustic, industrial feel, this pendant lamp is more than just a light piece. It adds a cozy vintage ring to every room it calls home

Of course, there are many other ways you could go with your vintage lights for living room, so feel your options out at the Artisans Rose store. 

Vintage Wall Décor is Always a Great Idea

If you’re not big on a seismic Vintage makeover in your home but rather have Vintage accents in mind or just prefer the minimalist approach, there’s much you can tinker with for modern vintage wall decor.

Here are a few vintage ideas:

  • Vintage wooden hook: These aged wood pieces don’t just look great, they are a stylish way to hold your keys
  • Art: A home is never truly complete without the art to go with it. Vintage art pieces don’t just uplift the aesthetic value of your home, they can make for great conversation starters too. 
  • Door frames with brass fittings can further elevate the vintage appeal, as can rustic wooden wall panels and frames

Get Classic Outdoor Lighting 

Natural light is great, but what happens when the sun is away and you still want the vintage to play? The answer is vintage lights outdoor features, encompassing the right selection of rustic wall mounts, pendants, and outdoor chandeliers.

If you’re keen to make your home a period property or just provide stylish garden light options for your patio or doorways, professionally done outdoor lighting provides a warm ambiance that can uplift your home’s natural beauty. You may also want to work with a professional such as Artisans Rose, to discuss your lighting plan and how best to distribute other features for your yard. From planters to vases, there are plenty of outdoor features you can further throw in to mix it up.  

In addition to bolstering aesthetics, an increase in curb appeal can also improve the market value of your property quite significantly. In fact, chances are, 50% of the time, homeowners get a better deal for their properties just because of it. 

Artisans Rose is your One-stop Vintage Shop

If you’re looking for the best vintage supplier, with handcrafted charm and unique designs, Artisans Rose is always a safe bet. Whether you’re a collector in search of your latest crowning jewel, or are just a vintage aficionado that thrives on bringing the good old days into your home, this online furniture and décor shop has something special for every type of stylist. 

Browse the store and pick out Vintage treasures to turn your home into a retro paradise. Shop now. 

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