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How Do I Move Quicken To New Computer

by postvines7

Quicken is a comprehensive product for managing personal finances. It has all the functions a person or a small household needs for money management. The more you learn and start relying on Quicken, the more questions you’re certain to have. How to Move Quicken To New Computer is a frequent topic of inquiry.

Quicken is a personal money management program that assists you in keeping track of your expenditure and savings.

This article will show you how to Transfer Quicken To New Computer. But before we begin, let’s take a closer look at Quicken.

About Quicken

Quicken is considered one of the most effective personal money management software available in the market. It assists you in getting hold of your expenditures and savings. You can lead the lifestyle you desire while achieving financial independence.

It’s simple to use, making it ideal for newbies or anybody seeking financial management. You link your membership to your savings accounts, bank cards, and other financial entities to keep things up to date effortlessly.

Quicken Is Beneficial To Whom?

Quicken has grown in popularity among numerous distinct categories of Quicken users:

People Who Like Things To Be Simpler

Quicken might be useful for those who want a basic budget they can quickly review on the fly. To get the same or similar service from other firms may require you to pay for functionality you will never use.

Individuals Who Like Specifics

For those who want to keep tabs on their expenditures and know where their cash goes every month, Quicken is an excellent accounting tool. People can make budgets, track their monthly progress, and manage their finances more effectively


Quicken is also well-liked by investors. Users may monitor their holdings and profits and plan out precise spending limits for each of their assets.

Professional People

Quicken is an excellent tool for tracking business spending. It may set multiple expenditure categories for business costs. You can measure workplace supplies costs and other business-related expenses.

People Who Do Not Trust The Cloud

People who don’t want to sync their bank accounts and personal data with a cloud service often use Quicken. Instead of using mobile applications, they prefer to maintain all of their data in one central location on their computer. Such people are content to record all of their financial transactions manually.

Things To Consider When Quicken Transfer To New Computer

  • It is not essential to purchase a new copy of Quicken to move your data file.
  • Install the same edition of Quicken upon the new system where you transfer the file.
  • Quicken Subscription Release customers may access Quicken from any browser.
  • Although you may backup data, it is not recommended that Quicken be accessed or operated over a network.
  • If you transfer the file to a different edition of Quicken, you will need to convert it.

How To Move Quicken To Another Computer? 

Follow these 5 methods  to move Quicken:

1st Method: Download Quicken and install it into the new system

  • Visit quicken.com and download the software to your new machine.
  • Once the software is installed, launch it.

2nd Method: Connect your External Drive

  • Now, you may connect the external disk to which you made a backup from your previous computer. 
  • l Return to the Quicken application.

3rd Method: Restoring the Backup Files

  • Launch Quicken application.
  • Open the File menu and click on ‘Restore from Backup File.
  • After clicking on ‘Restore from Backup Files, choose Browse.
  • Navigate to the external hard drive location and click on the backup file to open it.
  • Next, click on the Restore file.

4th Method: Select a save location for the restored file

  • Select Browse.
  • Save the restore file to C\Users\Your User Name\Documents\Quicken.
  • Click Save, followed by Restore Backup.

5th Method: Access your quicken account

  • l Enter your Quicken username and password.
  • l Click the Sign In button.
  • l The next screen will ask you to input the 6-digit code. It will be sent to your registered email address or cell phone number.
  • l Sign in by entering the code.
  • l It may also prompt users to Sync Quicken data to their Smartphone; choose your preferred choice and proceed by clicking Next.
  • l Then press the Done button.

By following the above methods, you can Download Quicken To New Computer.

What If You Make A Backup Using A Cloud Storage Service Like One Drive Or Others?

There’s nothing special you need to do to generate a backup upon that cloud service tool you’re using. Start your new PC. Log onto the cloud service or install their app on your PC.

Then, save or download the backup files to your computer and proceed as described in Methods 3 through 5. You may then transfer Quicken to the new machine.

To conclude, Quicken move another computer is easy to carry out. Follow all the methods in the correct way to make the transfer simple.

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