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How to Boost Netgear Router WiFi Performance?

by thomas

Are you not happy with the the WiFi signals that you get from your Netegar router? Do you wish to enhance the performance of your router now? Have you tried rebooting the router? Reboot is a simple process but it can do wonders in enhancing the performance of the technical devices by fixing temporary glitches. Try it now. There are many other solutions that can help you improve the signals of your Netgear WiFi router. Wish to learn about them? You will find them here. Keep handy the Netgear Nighthawk login admin details with you as you’ll need them during the process.

Let’s Improve Netgear Router WiFi Signals

Connect it Wisely

The Netgear WiFi router gets its input signals from the internet modem or DSL gateway. The connection between the router and modem/DSL gateway should be well in place. So if the connection is shaky you won’t get good WiFi signals from the router.  You are recommended to verify the connection now and mend anything if required. The connection between the two devices happen in two ways:

Wired– In case of wired connection, you should examine the LAN cable connecting the devices. Thoroughly check for any cuts on it. Also check the ends for they may be damaged. Get it replaced if required and use a new cable to make a solid connection between the devices by inserting it tightly into the right ports on both devices in connection.

Wireless– In case you have made a wireless connection, all you need to ensure is that the router must be placed within the range of the modem’s network. If it sits outside the boundary line of the modem, then bring it closer now.

Consider Examining Power 

The Netgear router and the modem, both should be powered on completely without any issues. If there is a fluctuating power supplied to them then you will face issues in WiFi connection as well. Why because if any of the devices is not receiving full power and it keeps powering on and off then you won’t get WiFi signals. So, check the power supply and see a boost in the signals.

Ensure Minimum Interference

Every house has multiple networking devices, technical gadgets, home appliances etc for use. These devices can interfere with the signals of the router. This could be the reason for you getting a poor and unstable internet. Make sure that any of these devices are not placed closer to the router and modem.

Apart from the technical devices, place your router away from large water bodies, reflexive surfaces, heavy building material etc as they can also be an obstacle to the WiFi signals.

Use Wired Connection

Wired connections are always better when compared to wireless ones. This fact can help you improve the WiFi signals in your home. How? We suggest you making wired connection between the router and modem now as there will be no interference this way. There will be minimum signal disconnections. 

Besides if you are using internet on your PC then you can use a LAN cable to make the connection so that you get a better WiFi.

Upgrade Firmware on Router

Firmware plays an important role when it comes to the WiFi performance of the Netgear router. Check for firmware updates for your router. You can use the Netgear Nighthawk app or the web interface to log in to the router. If there’s an update pending then get the router’s firmware updated immediately. Timely updates are important. Always keep an eye on the updates for your Netgear router and as soon as you get notified for the same, update your router.

Choose Optimal Location 

The Netgear router should be placed at the best possible location in your home to get better signals from it. Choose an open and higher place in the home. It should be within the range of the modem and away from interference causing devices. 

Wrapping Things Up

This way you can improve the performance of your Netgear router. We recommend you rebooting your router often as this helps to remove technical glitches thereby assuring its optimal performance. We are expecting that you are now getting better signals from your internet router. With this hope, here we wrap up our post.

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