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How To Choose the Right Bathroom Acoustics?

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How To Choose the Right Bathroom Acoustics?

The speaker system is a modern addition to the room, perfect for the living room or bedroom. It is there that music is often turned on, gathering guests, watching films, and playing games. High-quality acoustics in the living room has ceased to be something unusual. The room is ideally suited for technical additions that are not affected by aggressive factors. But what if you want to listen to music, for example, in the bathroom?

You can immediately remember how some carried a tape recorder to enjoy the music during a relaxing bath procedure. When there were no sockets, they also managed to extend the extension cord. It sounds like a tube, but not too safe – at best, moisture will get into the electronics. Bathroom acoustics require protection. Fortunately, there are many modern ways to enjoy music while lying in the water.

Types of equipment with audio systems

Many ready-made solutions for music lovers have been developed:

Acoustics in the shower

The standard solution is an audio system built into the shower cabin. Everyone has already gotten used to such acoustics. Often, booths are equipped with a whole multimedia and communication system, which allows you not to waste a minute of your time. When bathing, a person enjoys music, and when calling, he can answer without leaving the shower. Sometimes people only turn on the radio to keep up to date with the latest news and listen to the broadcast during the procedures.

Radio system built into the bath

Acoustics in the shower have become commonplace, but in the bath, you rarely see something like this. Technology does not stand still, therefore today it is not so difficult to find a model with a speaker system on the front panel, frame, or drawer. Sometimes such acoustics can only play the radio, but more advanced models can easily be connected to a phone or a USB drive.

Speakers in the sink

This is already quite rare. Only aesthetes who want to provide the most surround sound in the bathroom are engaged in the establishment of such solutions. Moreover, it looks fresh and different from others. The speakers are built into the sink itself and are played when forced activation, turning on the tap.

Portable speakers in a moisture-resistant case

Speakers work based on Bluetooth. Over the past few years, the wireless technology market has grown so much that it will not be difficult to find the desired option (you can choose the sound quality, appearance, and models with moisture protection). However, most buyers often select speakers for the interior of the room.

The player is built into the wall or simply placed in different corners of the room to achieve surround and deep sound (build a special shelf under the speakers so that they do not interfere).

Portable speakers can also be docking stations, and speaker systems. It is recommended that they be protected from moisture, the concentration of which in the bathroom exceeds the norm.

Shower head with speaker

The waterproof speaker for shower is built right into the shower head. The sound when taking a shower goes directly to the person, it turns out to be voluminous and interesting. The speakers are protected from moisture, so they do not suffer. The speaker is battery-operated; no wires are pulled through the watering can pipe. This ensures safety by preventing water from entering electrical wires. If repairs are needed, the components can be easily disassembled for recharging or replacing elements.

Built-in acoustics in the mirror

Speakers are mounted in a circle to provide full sound. Conveniently, when a woman puts on makeup or a man shaves, he/she can listen to music or a favorite radio station. The speakers can be located directly behind the mirror or under it. Depends on the design decision of the manufacturer. Management is via phone.

Technological solutions are a system with a screen displayed on a mirror. It displays the weather forecast and additional information, news feed. Management is through the screen.

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