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How to Download Videos from Amazon Prime to Computers and Mobiles

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Unlimited movies and TV series are available with Amazon Prime Video, a streaming subscription from the online retailer. Similar to Netflix, but with the benefit of Amazon’s large Prime content catalog. You can watch Prime Video on your computer, Mac, or mobile device if you have an Amazon Prime account. You can watch Amazon Prime videos offline by downloading them to your computer or mobile device using the instructions in this post.

StreamFab Amazon Prime Downloader 

StreamFab Amazon video downloader is one of the most popular downloaders with a Prime Video edition. Using this app, you can download Amazon Prime videos and enjoy them on the go. Watch your favorite movies and TV series on the go with your favourite device. Although you can download these files from the official app, they have a limited file format and storage time. Additionally, not many titles are available for download. All of these restrictions vanish as soon as you begin downloading with our software.

You can download from a number of countries as long as your StreamFab subscription is active. Furthermore, it works with virtual private networks (VPNs), allowing downloading while traveling.

The software includes some unique capabilities, such as the capacity to store downloads in other forms, such MP4. It gathers metadata information and filters out advertising in order to more efficiently organize downloaded videos. You can save audio tracks and subtitles in any language you like. You may plan several downloads using this Amazon Prime video downloader, and the downloads happen very quickly.

The StreamFab Amazon video downloader was developed with a plethora of excellent features in mind, and it works brilliantly. Take a look at these qualities:

  • Download EAC3 5.1 audio-enhanced 720p/1080p Amazon Prime videos from any Prime video website in your area to access any Amazon Prime video.
  • Downloaded videos should be saved in the H.256 or H.264 format.
  • Select the audio and subtitles based on the language of the user interface.
  • Subtitles can be stored as SRT files or remuxed onto video.
  • Before downloading IMDB TV videos, remove the advertising.
  • Assistance with batch mode and speedy download times
  • Download the metadata from the media servers.

The Best Way to View Downloaded Videos Offline

Here’s how to download videos for offline watching, assuming you’ve already downloaded the Amazon Prime Video app and signed in with your account:

1. Find the video you wish to download in the Amazon Prime Video app.

2. Tap the video’s download button (it looks like an arrow pointing down into a box).

3. The process of downloading the video to your device will start. By accessing the “Downloads” section of the app, you can keep track of the progress (tap the menu icon in the top-left corner and select “Downloads”).

4. By tapping on the video in the “Downloads” section when the download is finished, you can watch it without an internet connection. After 30 days, the video will no longer be accessible offline; a new download will be required.


We hope this article has clarified how to download Amazon Prime videos so you may watch them on your computer or mobile device without an internet connection. You can make sure you always have access to your favorite TV series and movies, even when you aren’t online, with a little bit of advance planning. So why are you still waiting? Start StreamFab’s download right away!

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