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How-to Guide: Fix DLink WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

by susan23

If you are struggling with DLink WiFi extender red light issue, then there could be numerous reasons behind it. Be it, improper DLink WiFi extender setup, bad location of the extender, no router-extender connection, poor power supply to the extender, outdated firmware, technical glitches, etc.

But, you don’t have to worry! Google has redirected you to the right post. Here, in this how-to guide, you will get to know some of the topmost fixes that will help you troubleshoot the problem in an instant. Let’s get the ball rolling!

[Fixed] DLink WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

Here are the fixes that will surely help you overcome with DLink WiFi extender red light issue:

Remove Technical Glitches

First things first, to deal with the issue, you need to remove the technical glitches from your WiFi range extender. How? By simply restarting or rebooting it! Doing so will give your range extender a time to relax and then work for you in a hassle-free way for you again.

To restart your DLink extender, you need to:

  • Unplug it from the wall socket.
  • You also need to disconnect it from your internet router and other devices in your home (if connected).
  • After unplugging it, wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Plug it back in again.

Here, by “it” we are referring to DLink extender!

We hope that the restarting process proved helpful to you in fixing DLink WiFi extender red light issue. If not, then next hack might help you.

Plug in Your Extender Properly

You may experience the red light issue if your range extender isn’t plugged in a proper way or the wall socket to which you have plugged it in is not working properly. To get the issue fixed, you need to ensure that your DLink device is receiving a non-interrupted electricity from the wall outlet in which it is plugged in and it (the power source) shouldn’t be damaged.

Change the Extender’s Location

Still going nuts because of the same issue? If you nod in yes, then it seems like the extender’s present location is the culprit. For fixing the issue, you need to change the present location of your range extender to see it proves helpful to you or not.

The location you choose shouldn’t be away from your internet modem. Yes, you read it right! The WiFi signals coming out from your internet modem is more than important for your range extender to work smoothly.

Update DLink Extender Firmware

You must update the firmware of your DLink WiFi range extender now. Why? Red light on your range extender means that its performance is not up-to-the markor its firmware has gone outdated. So, if you don’t want to see the red light on your range extender anymore, we suggest you update the firmware version of the extender right away. And, how will you do that? By simply navigating to the extender’s firmware page using dlinkap.local and following the on-screen instructions.

Reset and Reconfigure Your WiFi Extender

Nothing proved helpful to fix the issue for you? Yes? Don’t blow a fuse! It looks like you haven’t configured your range extender in a proper manner which is why you are continuously seeing red light on your DLink device. To get the issue fixed, you have to reset your extender and configure it again from scratch.

Contact Your Internet Service provider

Ifafter resetting and reconfiguring the extender, the red light issue hasn’t left your back, then you must contact your internet service provider. Yes! Issues from your service provider’s end may also force your range extender to blink red. You just need to contact your ISP and make sure that everything is good going from his end – internet speed, service, etc.

This fix is highly relatable to the issue. How? Because the connection between your router and extender can only be successfully if there is no issue from your ISP end. And, if everything is fixed from your ISP end and the connection is also properly established, you will not see the red LED on your range extender anymore.

Connect Your Internet Router and DLink Extender

So, are you still facing the red light issue? If yes, it could be no connection between your extender and the router. What you can do to get rid of the issue is to take an Ethernet cable. And, what after that? Use it for connecting your devices? How? Insert its one end into your range extender and other end into your router.

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