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How-to Guide: Fix WiFi Router IP Not Working Issue

by susan23

So, the IP address, or of your WiFi router is not working? Need not to worry! We have got you covered. In this piece of writing, we have listed some of the topmost reasons that would have led you experience the issue. Apart from this, we have also provided the fixes that will help you cope up with the problem right from the comfort of your home. Keep reading!

Why Getting WiFi Router IP Not Working Issue?

The main reasons that would have caused the issue are highlighted below:

  • Typos in the IP of the router’s IP
  • The web browser you are using is outdated
  • You have not connected your client device to your WiFi router
  • Poor internet connection may also stop the IP from working
  • Technical glitches can be one of the most common issues behind getting the issue

Scroll down a little, apply the fixes outlined underneath, and know how to make the router’s IP working again in a flash.

[Fixed] WiFi Router IP Not Working

Here are the fixes to the issue. Kindly read them first. And, once you have gone through them, apply them as per your comfort.

Verify the Router’s IP

The first fix that you need to apply to troubleshoot the issue is to check for typing errors in the IP address of your WiFi router. Simply ensure that you have input the IP address of your device without typos. After inputting the IP, you need to check it thoroughly.

Bonus: Copy or IP and then you can paste it in the browser’s URL bar. If you do so, you won’t commit typos in the router’s IP anymore.

We hope that this proves helpful?

Update Your Web Browser

Another effective fix that can help you fix or not working issue is to update the web browser version you are currently using. Why? Because some web browser’s version might not be compactable with the router IP’s resulting in the issue. So, it’s better to keep your browser up-to-date.

What happened? Updating the web browser doesn’t help? Try using the browser’s private window. We hope that this will help you accessing the router’s IP.

Connect your Computer to Router

Still facing the same issue? If yes, then it looks like you have not connected your client device (computer or laptop) to your WiFi router. To cope up with the issue, make sure to make a wired connection between your devices. And, if you don’t want to wired them, connect them in a wireless manner right away.

Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is poor or slow, then also the router’s IP will not work for you. In such a case, you must contact your internet service provider and ensure that everything is good going from his side.

Restart Your WiFi Router

No luck? Restart your WiFi router once. The reason is, due do minor technical glitches, your WiFi router may act weird some time. So, restarting would be one of the best options to consider to keep technical issues happening with your router at bay.

To restart your router, first you need to:

  • Unplug it from its respective power socket and then you need to disconnect it from your client device.
  • After unplugging the router, kindly wait for 4-5 minutes.
  • Now, you can plug in the router back in again.
  • Reconnect your disconnect client device with your WiFi router.

Access the WiFi router IP, or We hope that you rack up success. If yes, then we would like to suggest you something. Look, today everyone requires a high-speed internet to access everywhere in their home. So, a router alone is not capable of covering far corners of the house with super-speedy internet. For this, 99 percent of users has already installed a WiFi range extender in their home In the event, you also want a boost in your internet connection, add a range extender in your home and see the difference.

The Last Words

Our article comes to an end here. We hope that after applying the fixes provided in this piece of writing will help you troubleshoot the WiFi router’s IP not working issue. If your answer is a yes, then you can log in to your router and make changes to your device accordingly.

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