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How to keep your carpet clean and fresh

by ellysadunst23

In addition to being cozy and soft, carpets are necessary for houses r because it does not require more maintenance than floors. The basic requirement for maintaining the carpet to make it look fresh and new is to do the vacuuming and scrubbing to deep clean your carpet.

Nevertheless, even after your best efforts, spills, dust, messy events, and whatever is stuck on the bottom of your boots will eventually ruin your carpet.

Do you want a carpet that is clean and new but does not know where to begin? Even if your carpet is stain-guarded, it still needs to be thoroughly cleaned every few months. You might need to treat your carpet more frequently if it is lighter in color, is in a large area, or is in a house with dogs or children.

Here are some amazing tips to keep your carpet looking like new

The truth of life is that carpets get filthy. Tangles, stains, and other common incidents can, however, damage and discolor your carpets if you simply ignore them. To maintain your carpeted flooring nice, comfortable, spotless, and in brand-new condition for many years to come, use these proper care instructions and damage-control methods.

Do not rub stains 

If you accidentally spill something on the carpet and a stain appears, do not immediately rub the stain to remove it because the stain will sink more deeply into the carpet. Instead, use a paper towel, clean cloth, or sponge and blot the stains with a mild cleaning solution.

Blotting is very important to remove stains from the carpet. Gently blot the stains and apply light pressure to the stained area, it will allow you to absorb the liquid into the towel. Scrubbing allows the dust to get deep into the fibers, which can cause those fibers to prematurely break down.

Do not blot the stain outward because it will spread the stain deeper across the carpet, so whenever you are blotting the stain always blot it from the outer edge toward the center., toward the center.

Baking soda for stubborn carpet stains

You may have heard that baking soda may be used to properly remove wine or drink stains from carpets.

  • The first step is to sprinkle the baking soda into the stained area and then dab the area with a clean and dry cloth after applying baking soda to it. 
  • If the stain is stubborn then repeat the process and add water to the stain and scrub it. If it does not work, then make a mixture of white vinegar and water by adding both ingredients in equal quantities in a portable spray bottle. 
  • Spray the solution onto the stain and leave it for it 15 – 20 minutes to absorb.
  • The next step is, to use a clean dry sponge and apply pressure to the wet area to absorb the stain, and repeat until the stain is completely gone.

Shaving cream to treat the stains

Believe it or not, regular shaving cream works best on carpet stains in routine cleaning. It will practically clear any stain. 

For about half an hour, apply shaving cream to the stains and leave to dry Then use a piece of dry white linen to blot the shaving cream with dry white linen when it has completely dried. Mix half a cup of water with vinegar and spray over the area to finish, then wipe the solution with a clean cloth.

Dish detergent to treat grease stains

The key, once again, is to choose the right product and procedure for cleaning up greasy spills on the carpet: A few teaspoons of dish soap added to a bottle of hot water will aid in the removal of grease. Make stir the solution to dissolve the soap, and then spray the solution on the stain of grease and dab the stain with paper towels or a white cloth. You need to repeat the method more than one time, depending on the stain.

Remove the chewing gum from the carpet 

Here is a scenario that is all too common: Chewing gum gets tracked into your house and onto your carpet before you even notice you stepped in it while walking down the street. Your freezer contains the solution for getting gum out of the carpet.

Take an ice cube and rub it on the gum for a few minutes. Once the gum has frozen, pull it up with a spoon and cut the carpet fibers as close to the gum as you can with scissors or a sharp knife. The stain would not be seen if you merely removed a tiny portion of the carpet.

Steam clean your carpet

The simplest option to keep the carpet looking new and fresh is to use a steam cleaner regularly.  During the process of steam cleaning, a cleaning expert will inject the cleaning solution using water-jet nozzles into the carpet It will eliminate the dirt from the carpet.

To remove any deep dirt, dust, or oily stains, steam and hot water are used to deeply reach the carpet fibers. It will make your carpet look fresh and brand new. Deep cleaning should be done every six months to keep your carpet in good condition.

Vacuum your carpet for a fresh look

Vacuuming is the simplest and most efficient technique to keep your rug and carpet clean, even if it may seem obvious. Your home’s cleanliness, the quality of your air, and the longevity of your carpets are all significantly impacted by vacuuming. Plan to vacuum once weekly in areas with a lot of traffic or pets. And do not forget to inspect your vacuum pump or filter routinely. The vacuum loses its suction power if the bag is stuffed to the brim.

Keep your shoes outside

Do you wish to go further than the doormat? Do not wear shoes inside the house. A quick search reveals all the nasty things that shoes bring into your house and deposit on your carpet, including germs, toxins, and dust. Like a magnet, your rugs and carpets draw anything you drag in and transfer it to your floor. not to mention the damage that shoes do to your carpets and floors. Shoes can cause carpet fibers to stick to the mat by literally grinding in the dirt. Do not be scared to post a notice reminding guests that shoes are not allowed. Since it is your favorite carpet, you have a right to keep it clean.


Many people take great pride in maintaining a clean home. And keeping your favorite carpets clean is an important part of it. “You will be in a great position to keep your carpets smelling, feeling, and looking wonderful for years if you adhere to the tips given above.” If you have other amazing suggestions for maintaining or cleaning carpets, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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