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How to Update Comfast Extender Firmware?

by elonwayne2
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Would you like to improve your Comfast WiFi extender’s performance? The most effective way to make it possible is by updating the WiFi range extender’s firmware to the most recent version. You just need to access the Comfast extender login page. This guide is all you want right now. Here, you will find the best guidelines on how you can update the firmware on the Comfast WiFi extender. Thus, stick to perusing!

Comfast WiFi Extender Firmware Update: Why?

Firmware is software embedded in the extender or other networking devices. It is suggested that this product should regularly be updated to its most recent version on the device. When you update the firmware, you get the most recent features added to it. In this way, it stays competent with the most recent extender models. Aside from this, it fixes bugs and further develops security.

Comfast WiFi Extender Firmware Update: Requirements

Know the prerequisites before you start the Comfast WiFi firmware update process.

1. Most important, a complete setup Comfast WiFi range extender is required. In the event that you haven’t done the setup yet, then use the instructions mentioned in the user manual and make it happen first.

2. An updated PC is a must. This is required to access the Comfast admin dashboard to take care of the task at hand.

3. As you need to get to the admin dashboard, you will require the Comfast extender login details.

4. Another need is a steady internet connection.

5. At last, ensure that the power supply to the Comfast WiFi range extender is non-fluctuating.
You need to make it a point that the firmware update process should not get interrupted. Poor power supply and unstable internet connection are the major reasons why this happens. Apart from this, you need to make sure that while the firmware is getting updated, you should not do any background activities on your PC.

Comfast WiFi Extender Firmware Update: Steps

Since you have gathered every one of the essentials for the process, let us continue to the Comfast WiFi extender firmware update process:

Step 1: Power Up Comfast Extender

Start the firmware updating process by connecting the Comfast WiFi range extender to a well-functioning and damage-free power socket. Turn on the power button and let the lights on the extender turn solid.

Step 2: Connect to Router

In this step, a stable connection between the router and the extender is made. As you probably are aware a wired connection is substantially more reliable than a wireless connection, we would suggest connecting the Victony WiFi range extender to the host router using an Ethernet cable. Ensure that the gadgets have secure connections with each other.

Step 3: Download Firmware

Turn your PC on first, and open an internet browser on it. Thereafter, download the most recent firmware for the Comfast WiFi extender model that you use. Save it any place on your PC. If needed unzip it.

Step 4: Access Comfast Admin Dashboard

It is now time to access the admin dashboard of your Comfast range extender. Open a new tab and in the URL bar type the default IP address of the Comfast extender. The Comfast extender login page will be displayed. Enter the login credentials to get to the Comfast WiFi extender setup page or the admin dashboard.

Step 5: Install Firmware

Now, get to the extender settings and find the option named Firmware update. Follow the instructions further to complete the Comfast WiFi extender firmware update process. Try not to open up one more tab or power off the extender during the process is going on.

Wrap Up

This is all about how to execute the Comfast WiFi extender firmware update with simple steps. Once the firmware is updated, you will notice a drastic improvement in the performance of your device.

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