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Hunger Hacks: Proven Methods for Suppressing Your Appetite

by sophia

Achieving appetite suppression has the power to transform your weight and overall health. It doesn’t come easily and requires that you stay consistent in daily habits centered around healthy choices. From drinking more water, meal planning, sleeping enough, exercising and more, you can achieve a reduced appetite. Follow these hunger hacks to help you suppress your appetite and revitalize your healthy journey.  

Drinking More Water

Water doesn’t get enough credit for the remarkable job it does in suppressing the appetite. Although water consumption should never replace a healthy and well-rounded meal, it is an effective way to reduce your appetite by filling your stomach with water before a meal. Drinking water before a meal or when you feel a snack craving can help enhance feelings of fullness and leave you feeling satisfied more quickly which in turn can help you avoid overeating. Water is also a healthy beverage because it hydrates our cells and allows for the transport of necessary nutrients all over the body. 

The problem most people have with water is due to its lack of flavor. To combat this issue in order to start drinking more water, there are a few things you can try. The first is to flavor your water with flavors from fruits such as strawberries, lemons, cucumber, and even herbs like mint. Infusing your water with fresh flavors from fruits and other natural foods, can help boost the taste of water and make it more likely that you’ll sip on water throughout the day. Be sure to avoid store bought flavor enhancers that are typically filled with chemical additives and sugar. These processed powders can be a detriment to achieving health goals.

Another tip to drink more water is to purchase a water bottle that helps you track your water intake throughout the day. There are hundreds and thousands of water bottles with unique designs and measurements on the side of the bottle to help you monitor your water consumption. Some bottles even have a timeline on the side of the bottle to remind you of how much water you still have left to drink before a certain time of day. By drinking more water you will sense your food cravings diminishing and you will feel more energized, focused, and healthy. 

Get Proper Sleep

Getting enough sleep cannot be overemphasized. Sleep is a vital function that our body performs in order to reboot our system to boost our immunity, allow vital processes in our body to take place, boosts our energy, helps us maintain weight, and promotes the mechanisms in our body that jolts our metabolism and suppresses our appetite. Not getting enough sleep will leave you feeling sluggish, stressed, and hungry leading to more unnecessary eating. 

It is highly recommended to get a full 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. In order to do so you must begin practicing healthy habits before bed that will produce optimal sleep. The first step is to make sure that you turn off your cell phone and television at least an hour before bed. These electronics are over stimulating and disrupt sleep cycles later in the night. Make sure that you are doing a calming activity before bed and stop drinking all liquids so a need to urinate won’t cause frequent wakings through the night. Lastly, make sure your room is set at a lower and cool temperature and close all the blinds for a dark setting to sleep well. 


Peptides are short chains of amino acids that are smaller versions of proteins. They are still being studied extensively in labs to determine their effectiveness in helping to reduce appetite. Research conducted on mice showed that the Peptide https://www.peptidesciences.com/semaglutide-3mg, scientifically known as GLP-1, showed how the brain was affected when Semaglutide was administered. With the intake of this peptide, the brains of mice showed how Semaglutide produced less food intake that led to weight loss. Although continuing to be analyzed, peptides are continuing to show scientists that they may be the route for effective appetite suppression. 


As with any weight and appetite control efforts, exercise always plays a major role in achieving health goals. Exercise is the avenue by which many people can tone and slim their bodies and gain control over their eating habits. Incorporating at least 3-5 days of exercise a week will boost your metabolism and give you a new lease on your healthy eating lifestyle. 

Physical fitness shouldn’t be an arduous task. You can battle a lack of motivation by asking a friend to join you on daily walks or workouts. Similarly, you can join a community of others seeking to lose weight and stay accountable in their eating habits. 

Hunger Hacks

By following these proven methods in suppressing your appetite you can gain a sense of confidence in your eating habits and reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. You are worth the effort. 

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