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Reasons Why Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram

by ellysadunst23
Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms and if users are facing issues like: How to fix Instagram feed not loading or Instagram not refreshing, then; users can try and understand the reasons given and can fix the issue of Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed.

Reasons for the Issue of Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed: 

Below is a list of reasons and solutions for Instagram not refreshing:

Reason 1: Poor Internet and network connections:

When users are unable to refresh their Instagram page, the speed of the internet connection whether wifi or cellular data; low-speed internet, or poor connection internet can lead to this issue.

To fix this issue; users can use a good quality internet connection or try rebooting the device or clear the browsing history of the browser and app including cache and cookies.

Reason 2: Outdated Instagram version

When it has been a long time since Instagram has been updated; it will not load the latest Instagram features and can affect the loading of the Instagram page. 

To fix this: Users can update Instagram from the Google play store or the Apple store.

In case the update didn’t work, users can uninstall the app and reinstall it for the latest updated version.

Reason 3: Complicated Technical Reasons

Various technical glitches can occur, while using the Instagram account, such as the Instagram account suddenly stopping working, the Instagram is not able to reload even with a good internet connection, as the Instagram server got down, or other reasons as well. To fix this issue: Users must restart their device or delete the Instagram app and re-install it. 

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Hopefully, these methods can solve the concerned issues of the user.

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