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Is Sending Money Internationally Online Better Than a Bank Transfer?

by jasmineelly17

When sending money internationally, there are a number of options. You can use a bank transfer, a wire transfer, or an online service to get the money where it needs to go. However, if you’re wondering how to send money globally, sending money through a global transfer network is the ideal option, and for a good reason. This service is dependable, simple to use, and reasonably priced, whether delivered through a bank, a mobile wallet, to be picked up in cash, or directly to the recipient’s doorstep. This mechanism of international money transfers is clear and practical.

Additionally, there are no additional costs, making it a cost-effective and practical option to send money to family members anywhere in the world. However, the process is complex and can be expensive. Thankfully, some app to send money internationally, like Ria Money Transfer, make the process simple and inexpensive. It is one of the largest money transfers company in the world, with over 500,000 locations in over 160 countries. Most of their customers are immigrants or those sending money internationally. It is a service or platform lets customers quickly transfer money to any beneficiary or destination worldwide.

Additionally, they provide money orders, prepaid debit cards, check cashing, bill payments, and mobile top-ups. They make a solid effort to deliver the best satisfying experience with every service they offer. Value for money is a significant benefit of international money transfers that all appreciate. However, using banks to obtain this service could be a little pricey. On the other side, money transfer businesses provide a comparatively more straightforward method with cheaper transfer costs.

Additionally, they provide more affordable exchange rates, enabling clients to send money abroad. To pick a platform that best meets your needs evaluate the available choices and balance the benefits and drawbacks to compare which is better.


When sending money internationally, it is essential to choose a reliable service. Bank transfers are not always fast enough for international remittances, and you should always compare the rates offered by different services before committing to one. Some services charge a transfer fee, and some have strict restrictions on the amount you can transfer. For example, some banks only allow a maximum of $1,000 per transaction for international wire transfers. In addition, you may need to pay conversion fees depending on the destination country.


When transferring money internationally, you should compare exchange rates and transfer fees to determine the best way to move your funds. Then, look for special offers and coupons to make your money move cheaper. For example, some online money transfer services may offer zero-fee transfers, saving you money.

Online services offer lower fees for international transfers than banks. Wise, for example, offers low transfer fees with no exchange rate markups. Ria Money Transfer, for example, can speed up a transfer by a day. 


You might need to visit a nearby branch if your bank does not provide online wire transfer services. Every time you send money, the bank may request more information and need you to complete a lengthy wire transfer form. They could also ask to see your ID card to verify your identification.

Limitations on Transfer

The only choice available to you when sending money through a bank is to send it to another bank on the other end. Online service providers can manage money transfers so that the recipient can pick up cash at a branch office in the recipient’s country.

Smaller transactions

Online money transfer companies like Ria Money Transfer is better suited for sending lesser sums abroad. Even though certain banks may provide unique remittance plans with no transfer costs for smaller sums, the exchange rate won’t be as good.

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