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Laminate Flooring Makeovers: Transforming Your Space in Style

by Henry Jackson
Laminate Flooring Makeovers Transforming Your Space in Style

Floor laminates are composite sheets consisting of multiple layers. The main reason behind its popularity is the fact that it is easy to install, remove, and reinstall. This is one of the flooring materials that top the list of an Interior Designer’s choice. Gone are the days when laminate flooring used to be written off for its low price. They were considered a natural turn-off for the elite and classy people. However, soon people recognized it as a sturdy, attractive, durable, low-maintenance yet economical option for flooring.

What are The Different Types of Laminate Sheets?

You are free to choose from a wide range of styles. The plus point about this particular flooring material is, there is almost no particular look of flooring material that laminates cannot imitate. These sheets can even replicate even the most intricate of wood designs. That is why the laminate wood flooring designs gained maximum popularity within a few years of being launched. With time, the sheets have been engineered to match the look and feel of almost all varieties of hardwood. So, you get to source a more ethically fetched ebony floor look without even felling a single tree. On top of that, you can choose a laminate sheet in anycolorof your choice.

How Durable is A Laminate Sheet?                                             

It is a hands-down winner among choices that are made for enduring extensive wear and tear.

Resists Stains and Gouges

Laminate is the top choice for high-traffic zones like Gyms, shop floors, and cafes that people usually enter without taking off their shoes. Shoe treading, dragging heavy cartons- boxes with a huge load cannot do much damage to the surface. They look new and fresh for longer.

Kid-friendly, Pet-friendly

When there are kids at home, spilling juice, and milk, and scratching the floor surface with sharp-edged toys are quite common. However, they cannot be tutored to be gentle on the floor quite easily. Moreover, pet accidents and scratches are quite common in average households. You will surely not like your beloved pup or kitty to damage your floor surface even unintentionally. Just keep yourself protected from such damage by using laminates as your flooring material. They are definitely not damage-proof, yet they remain new for a long period.

Water Resistant

It is, provided you choose your material wisely. Not all materials are the same. You should select the kind that suits your need. Call us to have a detailed talk with our team and get information about the right choice of the sheet. Then decide on the ideal material for flooring in your space.

Is Laminate Flooring Comfortable?

The fibreboard of Laminates offers a pliable cushiony feel under your foot. This is designed to perfection for not letting kids or pets be harmed while they are just learning how to walk. While hiring the flooring service, you must have a straight talk with our experts to understand what is right for you (according to your needs) and what is not.

You can discuss, everything starting from the price point, durability, look, installation system, and of course, comfort before laying the sheets. Sometimes, a certain kind of underlayment increases the comfort level of the laminate floors. Do have a conversation too that you can have a super-comfy floor to play with your kids. Even if you select textured laminate that is laid with care, you can be assured of comfort at home. There is no risk for young kids and pets to stumble on them.

Are Laminate Sheets Easy to Install?

According to Interior designers, laminates are super easy to install or even to deal with during repair. Royal Touch laminate floors are installed with extra care to make our customers happy. Just like most other wood floorings, these can be stapled or nailed down to the floor for a long life. Even if there is a need for relaying, these types of materials are easy to peel that save time.


Hope we could cover your need for information related to your queries on why to choose a Laminate sheet for flooring. If you want to know more about different flooring materials of this sort, stay tuned to our blog for updated information.

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