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Large Commercial Construction Company

by ellysadunst23

When it comes to large commercial construction companies, few can rival the work ethic and experience of Big Rig. With years of experience in the industry, Big Rig knows how to get the job done right, no matter the size or scope of the project. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common services Big Rig provides and some of the benefits associated with working with them. From project management to delivery and more, read on to learn everything you need to know about working with one of the biggest construction companies.

Overview of the Commercial Construction Industry

Commercial construction is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs millions across the United States. The commercial construction industry is made up of a variety of different types of businesses, including general contractors, subcontractors, and builders.

General contractors are the backbone of the commercial construction industry. General contractors typically manage large projects, such as multibillion-dollar office buildings or hospitals. General contractors typically subcontract most of the work to other businesses, including subcontractors and builders.

Subcontractors are responsible for carrying out specific tasks on a project. Subcontractors can be small businesses specializing in specific parts of the construction process, or large companies with personnel in multiple industries.

Builders are responsible for building entire structures, such as office buildings or hospitals. Builders usually contract with general contractors to carry out specific tasks on a project, such as designing the structure or constructing it.

The Different Types of Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is an umbrella term that can include everything from upgrades to new construction.

The different types of commercial construction include:

-Upgrades: This construction includes minor repairs or alterations to a facility, such as painting, perfuming, and updating signage.

-New Construction: This involves creating a new facility from the ground up. New construction projects can be large, complex, and time-consuming, requiring careful coordination with the municipality and neighboring businesses.

-Renovation: Updating or renovating an existing structure can be more cost-effective than starting from scratch, as it allows for using existing materials and infrastructure.

-Demolition and Rebuild: When a commercial building needs to be completely rebuilt or replaced, demolition is often the first step. Once the building is down to its foundation (or less), rebuilding can take place in stages, with the final product looking much like the original structure.

The Pros and Cons of Working for a Large Commercial Construction Company


-Large commercial construction companies have a lot of resources and experience that they can bring to bear on projects.

-They are often able to offer competitive wages and benefits, given the amount of money they typically spend on projects.

-They usually have a good reputation for doing quality work.


-Large commercial construction companies can be bureaucratic and unyielding when it comes to changes or requests for modifications to a project.

-They may be less likely than smaller businesses to take risks on new or innovative construction techniques or methods.

-Large commercial construction companies may be less likely than small businesses to give individual employees the latitude to pursue their interests and develop their skills.

What is involved in a Commercial Construction Project?

Commercial construction projects involve a great deal of planning and coordination. Large commercial construction companies typically have teams of experts responsible for all aspects of the project from initial concept to completion.

The first step in any commercial construction project is developing a detailed plan. This plan provides information about the intended use of the building, the size and layout of each room, and the type of equipment and furnishings that will be housed there.

Once the plan is complete, engineers will create detailed drawings illustrating how the building will be built. The construction crew will then commence work, assembling the various components of the building as they are completed.

Throughout the project, regular consultation with clients is essential to ensure that everyone is on track and happy with how things are progressing. If any changes or discrepancies need to be addressed, quick reactions can prevent significant delays or problems down the road.

How to Survive as a Construction Worker

Construction workers are in high demand due to the increasing construction of new buildings and infrastructure worldwide. Successful workers navigating the often dangerous job environment can make a good living. Here are some tips for surviving as a construction worker:

Get fitted for safety gear: Construction workers must wear the appropriate safety gear to avoid injury. Adeptly working with heavy equipment requires sturdy protection against falls, slips, and trips. Ensure you have prescribed safety clothing and footwear, including hard hats, goggles, dust masks, and earplugs.

Be aware of your surroundings: always be aware of your surroundings when on-site since accidents happen quickly. When possible, try to work during daylight hours so you can see what’s happening around you. If an accident does occur, stay calm and assess the situation before making any decisions. Remember that emergency services will only arrive after they’ve been notified about the incident.

Follow all safety guidelines: always follow all safety guidelines issued by your company or union representatives. This includes wearing hearing protectors when operating noisy equipment, following safe work practices, and not drinking alcohol on site.

Stay organized: keep track of your time and whereabouts at all times so you can account for any delays or missed deadlines. Losing time can lead to penalties from your employer or even loss of employment status if you’re caught breaking workplace rules.


If you’re looking for a large commercial construction company that can handle any project you have in mind, then look no further than the team at A.T. Kearney. Our experienced professionals have years of experience working on some of the most demanding construction projects around and are more than equipped to take on whatever you need to be done. Contact us today to get started on your next big project!

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