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Netgear Extender WiFi Password Not Working [Solutions]

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After installing a Netgear range extender, users need to connect their WiFi client (mobile/laptop/computer) to the extender’s network. It can be done with the help of the Netgear security keys. However, there are times when the Netgear extender WiFi password fails to work. In case you are also facing the same problem, we have summed up a few tips for you.

But, before you walk through those tips, you must check the WiFi password being entered by you. Take into account the fact that the extender’s WiFi password is case-sensitive and needs to be entered very carefully. In case you’ve entered the correct password and still it is not working, you must check out the tips mentioned here. However, you must learn the reasons causing the issue before you head over to implement any troubleshooting technique.

Why is Netgear Extender Password Not Working?

There might be the following reasons due to which the WiFi password of your Netgear range extender fails to work:

  • You are trying to access the wrong network
  • There may be a temporary glitch affecting your client device’s performance
  • You might be attempting to access the extender’s network where the signal is weak
  • A virus has tainted your client device’s ability to connect to the internet

So, these were the reasons due to which the WiFi password of your Netgear extender might not work. Now that you well familiar with them, it means you are ready to get them fixed with the help of the tips discussed below.

Fixed: Netgear Extender WiFi Password Not Working

Connect to the Correct Network: It has been already mentioned that trying to connect to the wrong network may result in the non-working status of the extender’s WiFi password. Therefore, you are suggested to ensure that you attempting to connect to the WiFi network of your range extender only. Otherwise, you will keep facing the problem in the discussion.

Reboot Your Client Device: Restarting the client device on which you are trying to access the extender’s network can also help you to fix the problem. The reason being technical glitches affect the device’s ability to connect to a certain network. Thus, no matter which device you are using, reboot it. However, you must let it rest for at least 15 minutes.

Quick Tip: You can consider upgrading the firmware of your range extender with the help of a wired connection. However, the file must be compatible with the model number of the extender.

Get in the Extender’s Range: The client supposed to be in the range of the signals emitted by the extender if he/she wants to connect to it. If you are outside the extender’s range, then the internet signal will become weak and the Netgear extender WiFi password not working issue will keep showing up. To fix the problem, consider getting in the range of your wireless extender and trying to connect to it again. Moreover, ensure that there are minimum physical obstructions present between the extender and the client device.

Install an Antivirus Program: If viruses have tainted your client device, then you ought to delete them as early as possible. For this, consider installing an antivirus program on your computer/mobile phone/laptop. Once done, running a virus scan should be your next step. In case, any infected file detected, delete it to resolve the issue at hand.

Summing Up

The WiFi password plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between wireless client devices and the Netgear range extender. We hope that after implementing the tips shared here, you will be able to fix the Netgear extender password not working issue. On the off-chance, the issue is still adamant to leave your side, reset the extender, and set it up from scratch using the IP address.

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