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Netgear Orbi Not Joining Client Device Issue [Solutions to Fix]

by susan23

To make changes to the settings of the Netgear Orbi router via, one needs to ensure that the client device is joined to its network. Wait a minute. Is your client device not joined to the same? Well, in that case, you ought to make your way to the tips or troubleshooting solutions that have been discussed in this guide.

However, before you read the tips, try to restart your networking device once. The reason being, it has assisted and resolved various technical issues for users. We are assuming that it might prove to be of aid to you as well. By any chance, if it does not, then you should not waste any more time in reading the tips given further.

How to Fix Netgear Orbi Not Joining Client Device Issue?

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

Start with the troubleshooting process by checking the Ethernet cable that has been used by you to connect the client device to the WiFi name of the Netgear Orbi router. In case it is damaged, you should use a new cable for the same. Once that is done, check whether you are able to resolve the issue at hand or not. No luck? Well then, continue reading this guide.

  1. Enter the Right WiFi Password

Another reason why you are experiencing the Orbi router not joining to the client device issue could be, you have entered the wrong WiFi password, in case you have attempted to connect the devices wirelessly. In this case, you ought to make the entrée of the correct WiFi password in the field which is given. It is recommended that you enter the password in the same manner as it is given without thinking much.

  1. Remove the Signal Interference

Is your Netgear wireless router kept near electronic devices and transmitting appliances like cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, treadmills, and microwave ovens? If yes, then you should not think twice before you remove signal interference by changing the location of your networking device as well as your client device.

  1. Re-Join the Networking Devices

There is a possibility that just because the connection between the router and the satellite is broken, the same happened with the client device. In this scenario, you need to first join the satellite to the router. Once done, establish a stable connection between the client device that you are using and the router. For your information, in order to sync the networking devices, you need to press the sync button.

  1. Reset the Netgear Orbi Router

Did not even one single hack help you to resolve the Orbi not joining the client device issue? It seems the issue is much bigger than we anticipated. To resolve it once and for all, you should reset your Netgear Orbi router. Once done, set it up from scratch using the default Orbi login username and password.

Sum Up

We are anticipating that you will be able to create a stable connection between the client device and the Netgear Orbi router after going through the tips given above. While learning how to fix the issue that you were experiencing, if you figured out some way that can be put to use to fix the same, sharing will help.

It will not help you, of course, but others reading this post. They don’t have to get assisted with the tips mentioned above. Perhaps, the one that you suggested might help them out. What is that? Finding it hard to put your faith in us? Nodding your head in yes? Yes? Well then, share and see for yourself.

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