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Netgear Router Reset: Everything You Should Know

by thomas

A question that many Netgear router users search for when their routers begin giving them trouble is how to reset their Netgear router. This is because resetting is the ultimate solution to troubleshoot any problem related to routers. This piece of write-up is entirely meant to shed light on the process of resetting a Netgear WiFi router. We have clearly mentioned the instructions to reset the Netgear WiFi router down here. Though this article talks about the reset process if you have done Netgear AC750 setup, however, you can use them with respect to any router model you own.

Before You Reset WiFi Router

It is recommended that you should reset your Netgear WiFi router only when you are unable to resolve technical issues with your router. After you have tried all the troubleshooting hacks to fix the issue but nothing worked, it is then you should reset the router. You may also reset your router if you are not happy with the current configuration settings and you want a fresh start, or if you forgot your login password and can’t log in.

The reset process forces your router to restore its default settings. Thus the current settings get erased from it. The default factory settings are those on which your Netgear router was running when you purchased it.

How to Reset Netgear WiFi Router?

We want you to know that you can reset the router by two methods. Firstly, by accessing its management dashboard and second, by using the Reset button located on it. The first method is named the Soft Reset process and the second one is named the Hard Reset process. You can use any of these methods to get the task completed. However, you can implement the first method only if you can log in to the router. If you forgot the login password or can’t log in to the admin dashboard for some other reason, then use the second method.

Hard Reset Process

The instructions to reset a Netgear AC750 router using the Hard Reset method are given below:

  1. Ensure that the WiFi router AC750 is receiving an adequate power supply from the wall socket.
  1. Thereafter, locate the Reset button on it.
  1. Once found, press it gently.

Within a few moments, the Netgear WiFi router AC750 will be reset to the default factory settings. The current settings will be removed from it. The issue that was troubling you due to which you had to reset the device has also been removed.

Soft Reset Method

The instructions for the soft reset that involves logging into the AC750 router using the web address are as follows:

  1. Connect the Netgear WiFi range router to an active wall socket. Turn the power button on. Make sure it is receiving a fluctuation-free power supply.
  1. Power up your PC now and load an internet browser on it.
  1. In the address bar of the browser, input the web address routerlogin.net and hit the Enter key.
  1. You will reach the login page of the router. Input the login username and password here.
  1. Click the Log In button.
  1. You will now reach the Netgear router admin panel.
  1. Now, locate the Advanced option here and click on it.
  1. After that click on Backup Settings under the Administration option.
  1. Finally, click on Erase and the current settings will be deleted.
  1. Your Netgear WiFi router is now reset to the factory values.

What to Do After Resetting Netgear AC750 Router?

After you’re done resetting your router, you have to reconfigure it. So, access routerlogin.net or use the Nighthawk application on your smartphone to set up your Netgear router from scratch. You can refer to the user manual to know the exact steps to set your device up.


Now that you have set up your Netgear AC750 router after resetting it, you need to change the default admin credentials. This is to make your network secure. One more thing that we want you to do is to update its firmware to the latest version. This is to enhance its performance and also avoid occurrences of any issues in the future. Access the Netgear router admin panel and install the updated firmware version on the router without giving it a second thought.

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