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Netgear WiFi Router Lights: Troubleshooting Related Issues

by elonwayne2

You might have noticed a number of LED lights present on your Netgear wireless router. What are they labeled as? They are labeled as Power, Internet, Wireless, and LAN (Local Area Network 1 to 4). These lights depict different color depending upon the situation. However, for this, your router must be powered up. You should also get familiar with Netgear router lights meaning and troubleshooting so that you can fix major issues like Netgear router not working in the near future that we hope you never face. Read on.

Troubleshooting Lights: Netgear WiFi Router Lights

1. Status Light 1 – The Power Light

The Power light on your router is meant to tell you about the status of power being fetched by the router. It flashes amber or green color on different occasions. When the router is on and the power LED is showing the color amber, you should know that the router integrity test is in progress. Just in case the Power light is noticed flashing the color solid green, you have to understand that the router is getting a steady power. However, the light blinks green on a few other circumstances. What are they? Read below to know:

Power light blinking green fast: The router’s firmware is getting updated. You should wait in such a scenario so that the firmware gets installed properly.

Power light blinking green slow: A problem has occurred with respect to the Netgear WiFi router firmware. You have to update the router’s firmware once again to prevent any inconvenience.

2. Status Light 2 – The Internet LED

The Internet light on your router serves the purpose as its name suggests. It means it tells a user whether the router is connected to internet or not. Like the Power LED light, it also flashes the color amber or green.

Note that, when the color amber is appearing on the Internet light of your router, it is a clear sign that the router is connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable. But, there is no internet access. On the other hand, the appearance of the color solid green is a good news. To put it in simple words, you can say that your router has finally gained an internet access.

But, what will you do if the Status Light 2 i.e. the Internet light is blinking green? Well, you need to do nothing. This is because it only means that data is being transferred to and from internet.

3. Status Light 3 – Wireless LED

The purpose of adding a Wireless/WiFi LED on a Netgear WiFi router is to check if the devices connected to the network able to get a stable internet connection. The points given below will help you understand better:

On: When the wireless LED light on your Netgear router is on, it means that the Wireless port is enabled. You can connect your wireless networking devices to the Netgear WiFi.

Blinking: If you see that the Wireless LED of your router is blinking, it is a sign that some data is being transferred over the internet.

Off: It means that the WiFi of your router is off. Therefore, either press the physical WiFi button on your router or access the Netgear router admin login portal to turn WiFi radios on.

4. Status Light 4 – LAN Lights

They are generally 4 in count. You can notice them flashing amber and green colors. If the lights are green, it is a sign that the local port is joined to a 1000Mbps device. However, if this light is blinking green, know that the data transaction is happening via ports.

When the lights are noticed flashing the color solid amber, you need to understand that the local port has found a connection/link with 10/100 Mbps client. However, blinking status is all about data transfer. When the lights are off, it simply means that no link is detected.

The Final Words

That’s all about various lights present on a Netgear WiFi router and their meaning. We hope that we have managed to make you aware of the troubleshooting techniques in case anything falls out of the place. If you want the LED lights to perform optimally, you should never miss upgrading its firmware. Apart from this, keep your Netgear router secure from hackers to ensure the home network security.

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