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Play world cup fantasy football free-2022 Qatar

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Are you also an Ultras? And loves watching and playing football fanatically? If yes, then you must be very excited for the upcoming world cup football matches in 2022 going to be held in Qatar, right? But what it is said to you that you can also engage yourself in this passion, seems exciting? So, let’s see how can you engage yourself in this exciting platform where you can not only play but also earn. Free NFTs are a bonus here. this amazing journey can be set with Football Coin.

What is Football Coin?

After hearing about a gaming platform where you can not only play your favorite football games going to be held in Qatar, but also you can earn playing the games, so there must be a question popping up in your mind what is this Football Coin?

Talking footballing is a gaming platform that is registered on Blockchain, with all of its dynamic features where you can play all the football games that are included in the world cup 2022. 

Here you have a chance to build teams and enjoy a complete sense of competition while playing games.

Free to play.

After hearing about this amazing platform, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is whether it is free or not. The answer is that this game is free of cost.

You need not worry about registering yourself first and paying money to play the game and enjoy its features.

Free to earn.

Here you can not also play for free, but also can earn at the same time.

You can easily create money by playing this game and scoring a favorable position in the game can help you to earn for free as well. You can potentially win contests by participating in them and earning real cash. If you are passionate then this could be a source of earning for you as well.

Free NFT:

With the urging demands of NFT in today’s digital world, it will be worth mentioning that World cup fantasy football is a way to earn free NFT as well.

Blockchain platforms are almost ruling the digital world and NFTs are the digital coins that are registered on the blockchain.

You can earn free NFT through the marketplace by selling any football collections.

 For this purpose, So rare is also a well-known site where you can easily get NFT and player cards of your favorite players from the marketplace and can get yourself registered, then the only thing that you have to do is just wait and watch. these NFTs or playing cards are with you forever.


 You can earn at your home on your devices according to the performances of the respective football players.

For this purpose, you first have to register yourself for So rare.

Easy to play.

To enjoy the free features of world cup fantasy football, you just need to know how to enroll yourself in it and how to play.

For this purpose firstly you have to get yourself registered with it. Here you are provided with a budget of $100m.

The next thing you need to do is to choose your squad. for the very first, you need 3 defenders and 1 striker. The bonus part here is that you can change this information any time you want. But remember, in case of taking out a player you will lose some points.

Initially, you are facilitated by the option of choosing3 players of your choice from the respective countries, and the number 

Of players starts getting increase with several rounds.

How to score.

The scoring system of world cup football has a pro model and requires proper knowledge of scoring.

Where you can gain scores, at the same time there are chances that you can lose scores at the same time. So, it requires you to be a little bit expert and confident oinyour skills.


The scoring system is somehow different from FPL.

Here the goals get the maximum.

Goals (forwards/midfielders) =5 points

Goals (defenders) =  7 points

Own goal=minus 1 point

Appearance for more than 60 min=1 point

Yellow card = minus 1 point

Red card = minus 3 points.


Hence, if you are also a football fanatic and,

  • want to enjoy the world cup while sitting at your home for free, 
  • where you can not only play but also earn.
  • You have the full facility of choosing your squad and changing it.
  • buying players’ cards and NFT.

Then what are you waiting for, get yourself enrolled with it as soon as possible?

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