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Return Policy for Maurices [2022]

by Arslan Shah

Give Us the Opportunity to Help You Finish It Quickly. The vast majority of items can be returned at any time under Maurice’s return policy. Be sure to bring the receipt you received when you purchased the item with you when you visit the store closest to you to receive a refund for items you purchased there. Online shoppers have the option of returning their purchases at the store or through the website.

The Beginning Of Maurices

The grace period for Maurice’s extraordinarily forgiving return policy is exactly 0 days. You don’t need to be concerned about the jeans you purchased before Thanksgiving that no longer flatter you after a few weeks. At Maurices, your uncomfortable jeans will be accepted without mockery, and you’ll get a full return for your trouble.

The Maurice’s return policy permits free exchanges. There are, however, a few minor considerations that I will go through with you in order to make the process of returning the item easier. I sincerely appreciate it.

How to contact you again

You have the option of returning your Maurices purchases in-person or online. Whether you bought it online or in person, you may quickly return a product to the Maurices store that is local to you. You can find a maurices store that accepts returns that is open and nearby by using the link under “Our Stores” on the website.

Don’t forget to bring the receipt. Without having received Maurice’s package, it is still feasible to return it. You will receive shop credit rather than cash for your return if you don’t have either the original receipt or the gift receipt, though.

Await the opening

Wait till the store reopens if it is now closed. The only thing you can really do at this point is wait. You aren’t left with many other options. However, the store promises to uphold its word regarding customer service and Maurice’s return policy.

You have a few different options if you want to get a refund for something you bought online. The fastest way to complete the task is to use the online Expedited Returns Portal.

Recognize the original packing slip.

Recognize and store the original packing slip that was included our order. The items you purchased are stated on this slip. By clicking the link on the store’s main page, you can access the retailer’s website’s Returns page. Together with the order number you got, enter your email address.

Please get in touch with Maurice’s return policy’s customer service division if you can’t find your order number. You can also use the provided email address or LiveChat box. Follow the on-screen prompts on the “Returns” page to choose the orders you want to return.

Create the return label on paper.

It appears that there are no costs involved with the return because it was pre-paid. Maurice’s return policy will deduct the $5.95 flat rate delivery price from the amount you are refunded despite the fact that you won’t be required to pay for postage. Given the seemingly endless benefits, I think the little fee is reasonable.

Double-check that the items are packaged securely.

Make sure the items have been wrapped securely before you deliver them. Utilizing the original packaging can save you money over buying new packaging because it is the best option. Please double check that the box has the return slip attached. Make sure any extra labels have been removed; you don’t want the courier to get lost.

Ship With UPS Or The US Postal Service

As the processing is completed, wait. You should expect to get your refund within one to four business days at the most because you requested a “expedited return.” Would you like to track your shipment? You can view the item’s current position by logging into your Maurice’s return policy account. You can ship the item back using the delivery method you typically use if you don’t want to pay the flat postage fee.

As if you were sending everything priority mail, pack everything. Please make sure to include any packing slips that were included with the original box or cartons. Make sure you respond to every question on the packing page that relates to the cause of your return. Together with the other object, place it into the box.

Remove any additional box labels that are present.

Your mail-in entry should be sent to the address under “Maurices return policy” on the website. Naturally, you’ll be on the hook for the shipment. This makes perfect sense when your return is less than it would be in-store. $10.

Maurices’ Return and Exchange Policy

Maurice’s has a rather lenient return policy, and you can get a refund immediately using the same payment method that you used to make the purchase. However, keep in mind that the cost of the return shipping label, which is free at some other stores, is not included in this.

Get a Refund for Your Purchases

You should be aware that if you use PayPal to pay, you cannot get a refund for purchases made with the credit card linked to that account. You will be liable for the shipping fees involved with returning the item to the warehouse before you can request a refund.

If I don’t warn you now, you will be in for a harsh shock if you used PayPal to make your order and then proceeded to the store to make a return. the process or method of payment. Reimbursement method. maurices coupon cash advances made with a credit card. Within the following 30 days, credit. Within 30 days, store credit through PayPal can be redeemed.

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