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Selling a Quad Bike – How to Sell a Quad Bike

by Aone SEO
Quad Bike

How to sell a quad biking – the easiest and cheapest way to get maximum exposure?

There have always been many online and offline places to sell quad bikes and atvs but, there has never been a fully industry focused website where you can not only sell your atv or quad bike. But can also get more information than before.

Although the website only went live 10 days ago there has been a lot of interest about how the site will perform. The website has been in development for several months and finally on April 5, 2009 it found its home and is about to roll out the red carpet.

In association with the launch we’ve decided to step up the game a bit and throw in some amazing deals because we really appreciate that times aren’t great for a lot of people. Below we have outlined some guidelines for selling your Quad Bike, ATV, Buggy or even a Minamoto in hopes that it will help you find the right place, the right angle and the right customer.

Before Listing – Before even thinking about listing your quad bike or ATV, always do the easy thing by taking a few minutes of video footage and launching it on YouTube to do some preparation for selling your quad or ATV. . This is one of the easiest things to do and when done can give you some great help when it comes to reaching buyers who need the information.

Also, make sure you have some good quality still photos of your quad bike either taken on a good camera or a mobile phone with a good pixel lens. When finding the right position to take photos, also make sure you leave anything in the background that might distract from the center stage.

Quad Bike Pictures – Quad Bike Video Footage – As mentioned above using YouTube is probably one of the best sales assistants you can ever get other than standard pictures. When someone records video footage, potential buyers will see that the video is clean and that the video is what they need to close the deal.

When taking a picture always make sure you keep the number plate out of the shot – this is one of the biggest scams that has been on this earth for years. People prey on innocent sellers by taking the details of a machine, cloning the number plate and then going out and using the details on another machine for illegal purposes.

When taking a video, consider giving it a verbal edit explaining the bike’s extra fit or even just the nice bits. This shows that you are knowledgeable about the industry which means you are less likely to have someone try to drive a hard bargain on your asking price.

Make sure it’s clear – make your description 100% accurate

Thousands of quad bikes are sold each year in the UK and the industry alone, although depression is still increasing year on year. This is due to the fact that prices are becoming more attainable for the average person on the street and not just those who can afford them.

The market is getting very busy due to higher than expected demand for Quad Bikes and related vehicles. Make sure you give your machine some extra elbow grease to clean it up before taking any photos or videos and, if you can find some silicone spray, it’s always a good idea when buying. When you come to collect after the sale, give it once. Complete or before someone comes to test ride your quad.

Anything you know or have when someone sees your bike on line is an additional selling point. Make sure you cover every nook and cranny and use as many tools as you can to make you stand out from the quad bike crowd. If it helps – 90% of sellers do not properly clean their quad bike or ATV before taking pictures or before the buyer collects the quad bike.

A small amount of preparation also leads to better sales profits and more sales.


Keep it clean, use the right products, use video where possible, give a short description on the video, show the positives and point out the negatives. No buyer enjoys traveling hundreds of miles to see if a bike is “as described!”

For the most comprehensive website for selling and buying Quad Bikes – ATV’s – Buggies – Minimotos My Quad Bike is the new voice of the Quad Bike, ATV, Buggy and Mini Moto industry, and provides advertising space for businesses as well as individuals and traders. Businesses can either advertise quad bikes on the page or use an ad to place banners.

Individuals can use a free ad that has limited writing space but can be upgraded to a premium or premium+ listing as per their needs.

Premium listings have up to three images and plenty of room for text PREMIUM PLUS can have up to 5 images plus YouTube video footage.

So if you are buying a quad biking

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