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The Best Call Center Solutions For Hire In India

by ellysadunst23


A list of the best call center outsourcing solutions in India 

Since only about 50% of startups and SMBs in India make it past five years with limited funds and other resources, having the best call center solutions is fundamental for daily operation.

Businesses in India need efficient and effective call center training solutions in place to keep up with increasing customer demands and concerns. 

We understand the struggle of finding affordable call center solutions for hire in India that your business needs, so we have narrowed down the best of the best business call center solutions that every business needs in India.


Aavaz FreePBX

Aavaz ranks number one on our list because of its philosophy,” We give you what you need, not what we have,” which is backed up by its affordable subscription plans and customized call center solutions. 

Aavaz FreePBX is a well-known name in the telecommunication industry with its products designed to help your business communicate with your customers effectively. 

In addition, Aavaz also enables transparency with tracking metrics to ensure that businesses can see processes improvements are continuing and guaranteed.

Key Call center solutions that every business needs:

  • Call recording. 
  • Centralized voicemail for queues. 
  • Queuing with round, robin, ring all, and overflow. 
  • IVR.
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). 


Affordable 24/7 customer service for small business

Apart from the quality of service, pricing is the second most significant factor to consider when choosing a call center. SAS offers affordable, flexible pricing plans that accommodate businesses of all sizes and over 30 app integrations. 

SAS offers 24/7 live call center support to its clients. This call center software provider also helps businesses maximize productivity, reduce communication costs, and offers a free 14 Day Trial.

Key Call center solutions that every business needs:

  • Business call screening services. 
  • 24/7 customer service outsourcing. 
  • Help desk call center services.
  • Live chat outsourcing. 


Zendesk is cloud-based and easy to use

Zendesk is one of the reputable cloud-based call center telephony solutions known for being easy to use. Zendesk is accessible from any place and on any device, given that it is web-based. Zendesk provides subscription packages as well as a free trial after registration. 

Features Include

  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Group routing
  • Inbound and outbound SMS
  • Advanced analytics

AVOXI Genius

Effective, Affordable, and usability

AVOXI Genius is your effective, affordable, and user-friendly call center training solution for small businesses. Every call is important, and AVOXI Genius provides small businesses with the tools to handle customer communications at affordable prices. Try AVOXI Genuis and see how easy it is to manage a call management system for businesses in India.

Features Include

  • IVR.
  • Local caller ID.
  • Queue Callback.
  • Skills-based routing. 
  • Live Monitoring. 


Ameyo for a complete software-based telecommunication 

Ameyo, situated in Gurgaon, is a complete software-based telecommunication system that handles end-to-end consumer experience and continuously provides great client experiences. Ameyo is a highly adaptable IP-based call center outsourcing solution that enables organizations to interact with their consumers in a tailored manner across many channels, therefore increasing customer engagement.

Features Include

  • Omnichannel conversations through email, voice, and chat.
  • Preview dialer. 
  • Omni routing.
  • IVR.
  • Voice blast.


Fully featured call center outsourcing solution

Five9 is one of the fully featured call center outsourcing solutions that allow customer support staff to operate from any location. It is dynamic and intended to satisfy the demands of businesses of all sizes and sectors.

The solution provider offers a high-quality voice, solid security, and a reliability rate of 99.99 %. Five9 offers call center outsourcing solutions that are rapid, consistent, economical, and easy for small and medium enterprises. 

Features Include

  • CRM integration
  • Call routing
  • Omnichannel support
  • Global voice
  • Predictive dialing



CallHippo is a powerful and user-friendly VoIP-based phone system that provides quality audio, good connection, and great customer service. CallHippo also allows seamless integration with Zoho, Zapier, Pipedrive, and more. 

Features Include

  • Automatic call distribution.
  • Call monitoring.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Call center software.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR).


One of India’s largest call center training solutions 

Exotel, one of India’s largest call center training solutions, eliminates the requirement for infrastructure or upkeep investments. Within 5 minutes of receiving the cloud telephony device, businesses can set up an effective call routing, management, and recording system.

Features Include

  • Multi-level IVR.
  • Unlimited channels.
  • Missed call services.
  • Conditional call routing. 
  • Visual drag-drop dashboard.



MCube is a cloud-based comprehensive telecommunication platform that provides a number of automatic call management tools such as virtual PBX and leads and support management. Its mission is to become the best and leading value-added call center outsourcing solutions provider in the country. It helps businesses focus on their customers and not on telecommunications and CRM. 

Features Include:

  • MCube track. 
  • MCube IVRS.
  • Lead management.
  • Support management.
  • Auto dialers.


RingCentral call center training solutions 

RingCentral call center training solutions is an excellent choice for businesses. It includes over 40 powerful features, such as intelligent routing, CRM connectors, and workforce management solutions, making it an excellent choice for marketing and customer service departments. Operational and administrative components like call recording, survey, and predictive analysis benefit all businesses. 

Features Include

  • Campaign management
  • Standard IVR and ACD capabilities
  • Advanced IVR and ACD
  • Inbound and outbound voice
  • Omnichannel support and integrations


Businesses in India need efficient and effective call center training solutions to keep up with increasing customer demands. With affordable call center solutions for small businesses, your company can finally compete on an enterprise scale.

Need something unique? Contact Aavaz FreePBX, the one-stop solution for all your telephony needs. Aavaz PBX offers a customized cloud-based contact center solution that’s scaleable and meets your business needs today, tomorrow, and in the future!

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