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The ideal time to visit Dubai

by ellysadunst23

Dubai is always wonderfully in terms of everything. Everything about this country is beautiful be it buildings, shopping malls, parks, skyscrapers and weather. Plus real estate market is also ever-growing.

Investors are interested in buying properties for sale in Dubai. This is leading to more and more wonderful buildings to visit in future. The best time to visit Dubai concerning weather can be different for different people as people will like different things to visit here. If you are planning to spend your holidays here, you don’t have to do the hard work of researching which weather and time will suit you. We have gathered a lot of information about when you should visit the city.

November and February are the best months to visit Dubai

Temperature is pleasant during these months and so many things are happening around you. This includes the Dubai shopping and food festivals to the Dubai World Cup. The average temperature in Celsius is 25 degrees. The extremely high temperature will be 30 degrees not more than that and the lowest is around 19 degrees. So in sum, it’s cool and pleasant weather to visit the city and enjoy the festivals happening around. This time is best for people who like sunshine and sun baths but don’t forget to take your sun creams with you.

Peak tourism time

November to April is the peak season of tourism in Dubai. This time is best for beach lovers. It should be kept in mind that the cost of accommodation is higher in this season as more and more people are coming to visit the city. You can lessen the expenses by renting houses in communities which have affordable residence options such as Forest Villas Dubai. It has four-bedroom apartments also that can be a good choice if you are going along with family or friends.

November to February is the winter season in Dubai.

Spring is the perfect season to visit if you like to explore the city and enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest.

March to May

March to May is the spring season in the city which brings very pleasant weather. This weather is really enjoyable and ideal to visit for the Dubai world’s largest garden. The temperature changes between day and night. Make sure to bring a light jacket while going outside at night because the day may be hotter and long but nights are somewhat cold in this season.

September to October Autumn season in Dubai

These months come along with Warm days with strong sunlight. You can enjoy at the beach but don’t forget

to take your sunblock with you.

What is the average temperature in Dubai?

If we talk about the average temperature of the city, it is warm. Almost 36 degrees Celsius around the year is the average temperature. But you can get as low as 19 degrees too. So it depends upon the individual choices and preferences of the temperature.

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