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Things to Know about DevSecOps: Its Advantages & Myths

by sophia

DevSecOps denotes Development of Security and Operations. It helps to intense application development with utmost agility, at the same time it guards your application with automated security checks blended within the pipeline. It aids in improving productivity  and security by integrating security stages in pipeline.  Introducing this in your company can help you to accomplish wonderful outcomes.  You can also check out DevSecOps Best Practices for your business.

Actually it is a critical part of devo’s, mainly given the current cyberattack climate. DevSecOps pipeline offered proper techniques to automate the security scanning at diverse phases and stages of the build pipeline rather than waiting for the pen testing team to begin manual testing when the application gets deployed. With DevSecOps, you are ensured better security with less time needed to accomplish and maintain it.

Why should you adopt this software?

Every organization or business in this software structure and it is moving towards this software attitude and bringing all capacities and overall innovation controls to a better elevated level of capability in security. So, it’s a wonderful challenge for Developers, the team should make security an integrated strategy and go on to boost security awareness. This software helps to recognize as well as fix problems making use of process standardization and automation processes, coupled with complete control and availability of an environment grounded on the needs of users.

Quick advantages You Should Know

There are many advantages that your company experiences once you invest in this concept. Here are a few of the many advantages for you to walk through:

Boosts & improves the security level

Security is one of the prime advantages of this concept . By introducing so-called proactive type of security across the development process, these issues get addressed as soon as they get recognized, and therefore, not just will it be more secure, but once responding to incidents (like patching security vulnerabilities), the reaction gets quicker and absolutely efficient.

The point is it quickly and efficiently manages the overall newly identified security vulnerabilities. It blends up vulnerability scanning as well as patching into the release cycle. It even reduces the capability to recognize and patch common vulnerabilities and overall exposure.

Experience Automation

Automation is another crucial advantage that you get when you introduce this software, it is the general type of denominator. Automated security tests as well as checks get added to all stages of development with this software and it associates to a higher degree of security in a CI/CD system. These tests make sure that the code passes to the next phase with a sufficient level of security.

Two of the most extensively used this software initiatives are the automation of the vulnerability management process as well as open-source configuration scanning. Automation eases development, security, and even overall operational roles in the united software team to collaborate and even scale their viewpoints across the SDLC, irrespective of the placement framework.

Increased Delivery rate & expenses reduction

One of the prime reasons why software delivery is delayed is security issues. The time needed to deliver increases considerably once a lot of time gets required to eliminate problems and correct the overall code.

Contrary to the conventional approach of this software, with integrated security, security problems get reduced, detected, and removed at each and every stage of development, and this, in turn, accelerates delivery times and promises a high degree of security.

Remember that you even experience reduction in costs by not having to make continuous changes for security reasons, just as delivery times get reduced. By planning as well as involving security teams in all phases of development, security-related problems get minimized, ending up in lower expense delivery.

Successful ways you can adopt this software:

  • Automate the entire process maximum possible.
  • Follow this software methodology.
  • Assessment of current security measures and encompassing what to do to solve the problems.
  • Analyse code as well as do a susceptibility assessment.
  • Integrate the security to this software
  • Write to code in a secure manner 
  • Monitoring constant Integration and Incessant Delivery.
  • Mandatory security at every level.

A Few Myths to Know

Following are a few common myths related to this software that you should know about:

You do Need developers  for this software

Well, this is not really the truth. In case you think you require to recruit certain fellows with great coding skills for this software , then you are wrong. Unless you cannot simply train your existing individuals effectively or your developers are not really interested in making the software shift, you don’t really have to put on your recruiting cap at the moment. This is the software that aims to break down silos. Your development team that includes people with diverse skill sets, are going to receive training on this software processes and methodologies that should hold well across your delivery pipeline. So you are going to be fetching together existing teams and not hiring a fresh separate team.

DevSecOps Can take place of Agile

Well, the simple thing is it cannot do that. This is one software that complements agile, but it is not at all a substitute for it. These must co-exist in order for organizations to boost their business advantages. Agile nurtures collaboration and constant feedback. But contrary to this DevSecOps, it nowhere cover software delivery via testing, QA, and production. This software completes the picture by providing methodologies and even tools to simply facilitate agile adjustments.

You can purchase this software

Well, that is not really the case. You can simply buy tools to simply employ or use for the process, like release management and CI/CD tools. You cannot simply purchase the entire software process because it’s a philosophy or even a methodology. What actually makes a difference to your business is the teamwork between teams and the concentration on team responsibility and ownership are things you cannot simply purchase.


To sum up, since you have a proper overview about DevSecOps, its advantages and more, you should make the most of this software for your company.

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