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Top 5 best medical procedures to reduce wrinkles:

by ellysadunst23

Aging is a natural process that everyone has to go through. There is nothing to be ashamed about as when you age, you get more wisdom, maturity and lessons. We become a high value individual, when we have these traits with fresh looking skin. There are many medical procedures that are being carried out these days for reducing or completely removing fine lines and wrinkles. Top 5 are being discussed below:

Laser resurfacing:

Laser resurfacing is one of the most popular treatments because it improves the appearance of your skin by removing those lines that appear when your face is at rest. Total time taken by this treatment to show results is at least 10 days. It is important to remember that the laser resurfacing treatment is a bit expensive. This procedure uses a laser beam that identifies the irregular surface of the skin and then removes the skin layer by layer until has more layer of skin resurfaces.

Thread lifting:

It is a type of facelift surgery that helps people get rid of drooping cheeks and sagging skin. The firmness that makes your skin look younger can also be restored using the medical procedure of thread lifting. In this treatment, the part of facial skin that needs lifting is stitched and lifted with the help of threads. These threads also enable the body to get collagen that is very helpful for a youthful appearance. Check out thread lift services in Melbourne.

Chemical peeling:

Chemical peeling involves removing the outermost layer of the skin which is damaged and full of wrinkles and fine line. The skin beneath is more youthful and fresh. The process of chemical peeling also promotes the excessive growth of collagen that also results in increasing the firmness in the skin. How soon you see the results totally depends on the quantity of chemical that you use for peeling purpose. Furthermore, it also depends on how much your skin needs this chemical procedure.

Botox injections:

Botox is one of the most popular medical treatments that everyone loves to have. The muscle movement that causes facial expressions to appear on the face becomes the cause of wrinkles and fine lines at some point in our life. The main purpose of botox treatment is to relax these muscles so that they don’t cause any wrinkles on the face. Botox injections are not suitable for those people who are looking for some long lasting effects as the impact of these injections on the skin fades away within 6 months.


This is another medical treatment that is prescribed to those patients who require it to boost the production of collagen for a young looking skin. In this treatment, small needles are used to produce wounds in the skin. This treatment is very effective for people from the age group of 25 to 75 years. When you add more collagen to your face, your skin becomes clear and fresh.

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