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Unable to Update WavLink Extender Firmware [Fixed 2024]

by elonwayne2

For a smooth performance of your WavLink WiFi extender, you must update its firmware timely. If the extender’s firmware updates are ignored and not updated, you may be bound to experience several issues. However, in 90 percent of cases, performing WavLink WiFi extender firmware update process is not so easy. Yes! Many issues can arise and that could lead to “unable to update WavLink WiFi extender firmware”. If you also facing the same issue, then this post is just for you. So, get the fixes highlighted here, apply them, and know how to fix the problem in discussion right from the comfort of your home. Given that, continue reading!

You will get to know about the reasons behind unable to update WavLink extender firmware. A few changes may require you to access the WavLink WiFi extender setup wizard. So, keep WavLink WiFi extender login details handy. Read on.

How to Fix Unable to Update WavLink Extender Firmware Issue?

In the upcoming section, you will get to know the reasons causing the issue along with the fixes to troubleshoot it in an instant. Scroll down a little!

Wrong Firmware Update Instructions Followed

When you update the firmware of your WIFi range extender, you have to get through a number of instructions. Some are easy-to-understand, whereas, some instructions may require deeper insight. Perhaps, you have followed the firmware update instructions incorrectly. That is why you faced the issue.

No worries! You must try updating the extender’s firmware again. But this time, we suggest you read the instructions first, understand them, and then apply to execute the firmware update process.

Apply the instructions in the exact given. Otherwise, you will face the same issue again.

Unstable Wired Connection between You Devices

It seems like the Ethernet connection you have established between your WavLink extender and router is loose? To verify the same, we suggest you check the same. Just have a quick look at the ends of the Ethernet cable. Make sure that both the ends of the cable are firmly inserted into the Ethernet/ internet ports of your extender and router. Bear in mind, loose Ethernet/ cable connection can lead to an wonky internet connection. And, if you are receiving wonky or poor internet, it will breaks the flow of firmware update process.

So, make sure that the Ethernet cable is tightly holding up your devices and also doesn’t have any cuts or damages on it.

Also, you must ensure that your router is extender-capable. In the event, there is incompatibility between your extender and router, you may face the unable to update firmware problem. On the off chance, you find that your router didn’t have the capability of making a pair with your range extender, replace it right away with the same brand as of your extender i.e. WavLink. Once you have the WavlLink router, configure it first using WavLink router login details, and then connect it with the extender.

WiFi Interference of Other Devices

Interference can be one of the contributing factors in “unable to update WavLink WiFi extender firmware” issue. How interference happen? WiFi interference happens because of the wrong placement of the extender. Furthermore, if electronic/ WiFi devices like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, etc. are placed around your extender, then also it can lead to numerous issues, including the one you are currently experiencing.

Hence, we recommend that you choose the right location for extender’s placement. Make sure your WavLink device gets plenty of space to transmit WiFi signals freely.

Your WiFi Devices are Placed at Excessive Distance

Maybe, your WiFi devices are way too far from the reach of each other. That is, the WavLink WiFi extender is put out of the range of your host router. In that case, you won’t be able to receive any WiFi signals that will help you update the firmware of your WavLink extender in a hassle-free way. Rather, you are going to face unable to update WavLink WiFi extender firmware issue.

So, what you have to do, pick up your WavLink extender and move it closer to your router.

You Downloaded Incompatible Firmware Version

Did you manually update the firmware of your WavLink WiFi extender? If yes, then the chances are more that you might download the incorrect version of firmware. Or, the firmware can be outdated for your current WavLink extender model.

Note this down, having an incompatible firmware version means you are definitely going to face the problem i.e. unable to update the firmware. So, you must download the correct firmware version only keeping the WavLink extender’s model in consideration. How to check that? You can check that by accessing the firmware update page using wifi.wavlink.com web address or IP, and correct WavLink WiFi extender login credentials.

Restart Your WavLink WiFi Extender

No matter how hard you try, things don’t just fit in the right space, do they? Rather, they just turn messier and spin our head, right? Considering you are going through the same thing, we suggest you restart your WavLink WiFi extender.

Rebooting/ restarting is one of the ultimate fixes that flushes out unwanted bugs resulting in the error you are facing. So, to restart or reboot the extender, disconnect all the devices connected to your WiFi extender. After that, get the device (extender) off the power socket and keep it aside for 10 minutes. Thereafter, power the extender on and reconnect it with your router. Once you are done, connect your computer or laptop to the WavLink device and try performing the firmware update process again.

While the WavLink extender process is going on, do not:

  • Disconnect it from your router
  • Turn it off
  • Or, disconnect your computer/ laptop and extender
  • Refresh the web page or existing from the open page by going back

The firmware update process will take time depending upon your internet speed. Kindly avoid interrupting the process. The firmware will surely update shortly.

We hope that the fixes we have listed here will help you update the latest and compatible version of firmware on your WavLink WiFi extender.

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