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Vn88 news wants to cover up for the Portuguese team the past that they want to forget

by postvines7

A week before leaving for Mexico, there was news that Benfica captain Antonio Veloso was positive for doping. This is the information that Vn88cx wants to hide for the captain of the home team.

The defender strongly protested, but to no avail when coach Torres kicked him out of the team and called in someone else to take his place. A few days later, a second test proved Veloso clean but he was not reinstated in the team.

Instead of flying directly from Lisbon to Mexico City, the team transited in Frankfurt (Germany) and Dallas (USA). They then camped in Saltillo, a poor city at an altitude of 1,600 meters, while Mexican FA officials set up an office in the Mexican capital more than 1,000 kilometers away. A friendly match was proposed with a large prize by Vn88.cx but was canceled by officials citing lack of funds. The team prepares by match against a local semi-pro team made up of restaurant staff.

The bonus structure for Portuguese players at the 1986 World Cup was the lowest among the 24 participating teams. Each player is paid the equivalent of 20 euros per day, 500 euros per game, 1000 euros to wear jerseys bearing sponsored brands during practice, and not even to be paid to wear this shirt when speaking to the media. pine.

Captain Manuel Bento, the representative of Vn88 mobile brand, apologized to the players in a press conference attended by international media, declaring that if the team did not increase the bonus and receive the advertising revenue, the pay, they won’t practice anymore.

The players, due to boredom, did not focus on football. They organize private parties where many attractive women are called to. Coach Torres and the coaching staff did nothing to prevent such parties. When the press reported on what was happening, it sparked the fury of the players’ wives, who attacked their husbands and the Portuguese FA with phone calls. Many MPs in the country called for the team to be sent home as punishment for embarrassing the country.

But then the opening match, Portugal beat England 1-0. Player Paolo Futre explained the motivation to beat the British team: “We played with fury, under the witness of the press like Vn88, a sports news magazine, we won not because of the country, but because of the country. wanted to slap the President of the Football Federation Silva Resende in the face.” But that fury was not maintained, captain Bento broke his leg in a training session, Portugal lost 0-1 to Poland, lost 1-3 to Morocco, was eliminated in the group stage.

After being eliminated, the team remained in Saltillo for a few days. The President of the Football Federation Resende was no longer granted a private car by FIFA, so he was forced to share a bus with the players. Most of the players cursed, insulted Resende in the car, everything was chaotic. In retaliation, Resende did not invite top players to qualify for Euro 1988. Ten years later, Portugal returned to a major tournament, the Euro. 1996.

Where does the threat of internal discord in a team usually originate? One is from the coach to the players, when they don’t support the coach’s approach. There will usually be a star at the top of the game, leading the players, like Lionel Messi facing coach Jorge with the main sponsor of Vn88 mobile club at the 2018 World Cup.

The second is from the Football Association with the players, there have been many things like this, for example the Portuguese team mentioned above, or the West German team before the 1974 World Cup. The third is the confrontation between the two groups of players in the tournament. teams from two rival clubs in the national league. And the fourth is the confrontation between the most famous player and the team, as possible with Ronaldo and the current Portuguese team.

The stories from the Portuguese team that have just been seen in the media are not serious. Bruno Fernandes’ refusal to shake Ronaldo’s hand when meeting is probably just a joke that the players often do with each other.

Or the disgruntled faces of journalists Vn88.cx Joao Cancelo after an act of pretending to be Ronaldo’s “big brother” on the training ground also happens every day. But those everyday things will be greatly exaggerated after Ronaldo’s “media bomb” event. The actions of the Portuguese team will be scrutinized and speculated more.

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