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Vograce Custom Pillows Sample Packs

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custom throw pillows

Before buying custom throw pillows, you need to know what you’re getting into. There are several variables that can affect your pillow’s quality. One factor is the print quality of the material. Different fabrics have different print qualities, which means different prices. You also need to think about environmental factors like dust and debris protection. You can determine which of these factors is the most important for your custom pillow. It is also good to know that you can contact a Vograce salesman if you have any questions or concerns.

Dakimakura body pillow

The Dakimakura body pillow is one of the best-selling pillows from Vograce. It is made of cotton fabric and is relatively thick. It is also very soft to the touch and suitable for cold seasons. Cotton fabric is one of the most popular pillow fabrics in Japan, and it is durable and elastic. It can stretch in four directions. It has a slight luster on its surface.

The Dakimakura body pillow is available in many colors and comes in various sizes. Some are big enough to fit two people, while others are small enough for a single person. Some of them are printed with anime characters or images popular among fans. Some even double up as bed covers. The zippers on the sides make them versatile.

Nap throw pillow

Vograce is a manufacturer of custom throw pillows and nap throw pillows. These pillows are made of a soft material and are designed to support the proper blood circulation while sleeping. They are available in different styles and designs and are custom-made according to the customer’s preferences. Some pillows come with removable covers.

These pillows can be used for many purposes and are highly recommended by medical experts. They are soft to touch and do not wrinkle. This kind of pillow is also great for cuddling. The short plush cover makes it easy to stuff and is breathable. The soft and durable material will keep you comfortable for a long time.

Stretchable in four directions

Vograce Custom pillows are shaped throw pillows that are stretchable in four directions. They can be custom-made to match your specific décor. They are softer and more durable than traditional pillows. These pillows are made of two-way tricot and tribute silk. They are available in multiple colors and designs.

The soft, stretchable, luxurious fabrics used in these pillows are perfect for a comfortable sleep. Choose from many different sizes and styles to fit your individual needs. The company offers free shipping on all orders and offers a discount for subscription customers. New customers can even get 20% off their first purchase.

VOGRACE offers both wholesale and retail orders. Their custom body pillows are available in a variety of designs. All orders over the Internet qualify for free shipping. The company offers a return and exchange policy. They also offer a variety of special offers from time to time.

Custom Dakimakura body pillows are designed to provide support for your head and neck while you sleep. They are also a great accessory for lounging around your house. They are available in many different colours and are made of high-quality materials. Vograce also offers custom pillow covers that can be used with Dakimakura.


Customized body pillows are an important part of a luxurious bedroom. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also promote proper blood circulation while sleeping. Fortunately, Vograce has a great selection of body pillows that can be customized. The company offers a sleep trial and warranty, as well as customizable pillow covers. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and designs, from luxurious poly to ultra-soft natural materials. All of these materials are comfortable and luxurious, and offer sharp print reproduction.

You can choose the type of fabric for your pillow. Cotton is an excellent choice for pillow covers because of its softness. It’s also durable and suitable for colder seasons. Cotton is also more pliable and stretchable than other fabrics, which makes it an excellent choice for pillows. However, the downside to cotton pillows is that they require a longer manufacturing time than other fabrics. For a standard order, a custom shaped pillow takes about two weeks, and a few days for special orders.

A custom body pillow is a great way to help yourself relax. It can eliminate tiredness and promote well-being. Depending on what kind of pillow you order, you can even customize the shape and material of the pillow. These custom pillows can be made of cotton, latex, or memory foam. And while they aren’t as thick as traditional pillows, they still provide adequate support and conform to your body’s temperature. Custom body pillows typically cost around $20-$100. The more expensive options are made of higher-quality materials.

Custom body pillows are also a great way to enhance your sleeping experience. They’re available in a wide range of colours and sizes, and they also feature custom designs. Most customers choose not to use the special designs, but rather choose graphics they like. The best part is, they can even make your fantasy a reality!


If you are looking for a pillow that lasts for many years, you’ll want to consider durable Vograce pillows. These pillows come in different sizes, styles, and materials. Choose from dakimakura body pillows to square pillows for napping. They also offer customized throw pillows.

They are also available in two-way tricot fabrics. These materials are more affordable but don’t retain the shape as well. In addition, twill pillows do not last as long and are less durable. The main drawback to twill is that it is more expensive to import from Japan.


Custom-made body pillows are great for promoting well-being and eliminating tiredness. These pillows are made of memory foam, latex, or cotton and are made to fit your head. Some of these pillows even have custom stickers on them! These body pillows are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and are priced from twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. You can also get pillow protectors for these custom body pillows.

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