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What Is The Difference Between PPC And CPC?

by ellysadunst23
What Is The Difference Between PPC And CPC?

The ideas behind CPC and PPC and quite apart. They are considered the two sides of the same coin and they heavily contribute to the success of your advertising strategy. In case you are unfamiliar with these two concepts, you may be somewhat confused at the moment. In addition, you may even be confused in case you know the meaning of the two terms. After all, CPC and PPC are used interchangeably, hence causing even more confusion among new marketers. Though these two are similar, they have certain differences that the advertisers should be familiar with to succeed. Here are the differences explained:


Once a PPC agency Manchester leads your campaign well, it is important to evaluate the relevance and efficiency of your ads in order to make sure they are effective. This is where Cost per click or CPC is pretty useful. CPC evaluates the overall cost per click of your ads. For instance, if you paid £100 for your PPC ad and it gets 100 clicks, you are actually spending £1 per click. The formula is:

(Total Money Spent) / (Total Measured Clicks) = CPC (Cost Per Click)

As you start scoring more clicks than what you paid for initially, your CPC would be lower which is an indication of a successful ad strategy. It is significant to note that the CPC is shown in different other paid media channels other than PPC, however it means the same thing notwithstanding where you see that particular acronym.


Pay per click or PPC is a necessary part of your marketing campaign that, when implemented rightly, can enhance your volume of leads. By enhancing the overall reach of your brand, PPC strategy exposes your brand to a more diverse and bigger audience. Once active, your PPC ads enable your company to appear in results of search engines based on particular phrases and keywords your customer is searching for. What happens functionall is that you pay for an ad only when a user clicks on the ad, incentivizing search engines to express it to the relevant users only.

The Key Differences Between PPC and CPC

Generally, CPC and PPC are two sides of one coin. PPC is a particular marketing approach or channel, while CPC can be called a performance metric. In case you are interested in identifying how well your PPC strategy is doing, begin by evaluating CPC and then communicate with your sales team to identify how many of those clicks are turned into qualified leads. In a few instances, it is pretty useful to enhance your CPC in case it helps you reach a more relevant and qualified audience or if it helps you rank higher than your competitors on search engine results.

Though CPC and PPC are used together in advertising campaigns, they are not very alike. PPC serves as a paid marketing process while CPC serves as a financial metric that evaluates the overall cost of each ad click.

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