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What makes the Army different from other branches?    

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What makes the Army different from other branches?

Any country’s military is one of the most powerful assets when it comes to national security and preserving peace and harmony between nations. If your country has such a strong military force, consider yourself lucky because it’s an ultimate blessing. People serving in any of the military branches not just puts their life at stake but also makes sure that they protect the integrity of the nation.

The Umbrella Term! 

If you are confusing the military with the army then let us stop you right there. Yes, we have been using both the terms interchangeably for a long time now. However, there is a huge difference between the army and the military. The military is the whole term that covers five different branches of the army from the coast guard to the marines. 

As we said earlier, it’s an asset of any nation, and since every country covers a huge piece of land, it’s necessary to have strong groups of troops for protection. And you don’t need these troops just for the land but for waters and air as well. That is why we have armed, air, marine, and navy forces. 

What makes the Armed forces different from the rest? 

We know what makes the air force unique, no, not that top gun maverick jacket. That’s another way around but we’ll leave it there. Now the question is, what makes the armed forces stand out from every other branch of the military? We will try our best to answer your query through this article. Therefore, if you have plans to join military forces, take some time and read this article before you shortlist your options. So let’s get started! 

The Armed Forces!

The first thing that makes the armed forces unique from others is that it’s the oldest branch of the military. And it was established way before any other branch; besides, it’s five times bigger than the marines and navy forces. Since the armed forces are required to protect the land, you will always find it well-equipped no matter where the force belongs. Each nation would agree to this that the army is not just well-trained or equipped, but it’s also the strongest. Plus, whenever there is a need to resolve disputes, the army would be the first one to show up in order to handle things on every level. 

The oldest and largest Army in the world 

There are so many armed forces serving their nations across the borders but not every force is strong enough to deal with what might come next. Some of the countries don’t even have armed or military forces, which means they are quite vulnerable. However, according to the annual report that ranks different military and armed forces of the world, the US army currently stands at the top in terms of the most advanced forces globally. And then there are other forces as well. 

The motto of this army is to not only serve the nation but to respect and protect each individual. They are not just known for it, but they are supposed to provide for the defense and security of the United States along with commonwealths, possessions, and all the US-occupied areas according to Section 3062 of Title 10, U.S. Code. 

No matter where you are serving, there is only one golden rule that needs to be followed by every soldier, and that is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. And you are supposed to do the same in return; after all, you live under the same flag, don’t you? Just putting on an army motorcycle jacket doesn’t make you patriotic. 

The Difference between the Army and the Marines! 

If you are still figuring out what makes it extraordinary, we assume you did not pay attention to the part where we talked about the training, right? Let’s keep every other branch aside and take marines for a comparison. These two branches of the military have differences as well as similarities. 

Water-based and Land-based 

Since marines are aligned with the navy, it’s pretty obvious they are water-based. Or else, you can refer them to the water army as well, but we’ll suggest you should not; no one is allowed to crack such puns. Anyhow, let’s get back to the topic. Although this force is water-based, they are not limited, marines serve both land and water, and it depends on the need and where their services are required. 

Duties and the troops

The sole purpose of marine soldiers is to provide a quick response in times of crisis. These can also be natural disasters and marines are specially trained to provide their services to people in need dealing with disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etcetera. Whereas, the army is solely trained for matters of national security. The government and civilians must acknowledge their training and everything that comes along. 

The next thing that varies marines from the army is their size. While the army is the oldest and largest military branch, the marine corp is the smallest. Therefore, they also have fewer troops than the army. Another duty that marines are required to fulfil is to list down easier routes that lead to enemies strategically in the line of duty. The US marine corps have this particular duty of protecting the US embassies, which none of the other branches doesn’t have. 


As we already mentioned that in terms of age, the armed forces are older than the marines. However, it does not mean that the marines always relied on them because it’s quite clear that the navy is more aligned with this branch. Now, this makes it quite clear that both have different commands. Where marines rely on the navy to provide them with technical and health support, the Army is responsible for its branch’s religious, medical, and dental personnel. 

Platoon squads

Talking about a platoon, when it comes to the ground forces, it includes two fire teams consisting of four men respectively the leader, automatic rifleman, regular rifleman, and grenadier. Plus, they also send an extra infantry weapon squad along each platoon. 

No, marines don’t apply any extra squad with their platoons because this is only practised by the US army. Marine corp platoon includes three separate squads, unlike the Army. Anyhow, every marine platoon squad has a sergeant assigned to it that oversees three subsequent fire teams under the platoon itself.

What requires for becoming a soldier?

Candidates willing to join one of the strongest armies in the world are not only required to pass initial tests but will also need to have the strength to get through the tough training. This might seem easy, which can be partially true; the army has its perks. But only if you ace physical training because the job is going to be tough, especially on the grounds! 


These are some of the prominent things that create a huge difference between every branch related to the military. However, you gotta keep in mind that this isn’t it, there are other forces as well, and if you think you can be a great fix for any of the forces, you must go for it. 

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