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What to Do When Netgear Extender Can’t Access the Router

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In order to begin accessing the Netgear range extender network, you need to first get its initial setup completed. Once you have set it up with your existing home network, you can start enjoying trouble-free internet even in far-off areas of your home. What was that? Are you unable to get the Netgear extender connected to your router during the setup process? We get you. At times, the Netgear wireless extender setup process can be a little tricky. Though the entire process is extremely easy, sometimes one can get stuck with some issues, it can be minor though.

If your Netgear extender cannot access the router’s network even after a successful setup process, then we are here to help you. Thus, take a sigh of relief as you are on the right page that will help you get rid of any obstacles in the process of getting the Netgear extender to access the router’s network. Without wasting any further time of yours, let us get going.

What’s Stopping You From Accessing the Router?

If you are unable to access the router’s network using the Netgear extender, then there can be various reasons for this. Some of the common reasons are:

  1. Incorrect or Impartial Setup:

Have you followed the setup process religiously? Which method did you follow? You can use the web interface method or the Netgear Nighthawk app to get the range extender set up with the router. However, if the Netgear extender setup process is completed but still the extender cannot access the router network, then there might be something wrong with the process of setup. Even if you got stuck in the middle of getting the setup completed, then there is something interrupting the process.

  1. Distance Between Router & Extender

Did you place the Netgear range extender far from the router? The devices won’t communicate in such way. The Netgear extender should be close enough to receive the router’s signals.

  1. MAC Filter on Router

Have you enabled the MAC filter on your router? Netgear wireless range extender won’t be able to access the router network unless you add its MAC address to the router.

These are some common reasons due to which the Netgear extender won’t access the router network. However, you need to verify the internet connection and power supply as well as these both can affect the Netgear extender performance. Apart from this, if there is signal interference by other devices that radiate radio signals, then this might be the cause that is preventing your Netgear extender from accessing the router network.

Now that we have provided information about some reasons for the Netgear extender not accessing the router, let us move on to troubleshoot the issue.

Netgear Range Extender Unable to Access Router: Fixed

Make sure that your Netgear range extender is receiving an adequate and non-fluctuating power supply. Also, remove any obstacles like the devices or appliances that are causing signal interference and then proceed to troubleshoot. Here are some quick fixes that you can use to kick out the issue that you are facing with your Netgear extender:

  1. Move the Devices Closer

Bring the Netgear range extender and the router into the same room. Establish a wired connection between them and check if the problem gets fixed. Even if you are establishing a wireless connection and relocating the range extender, make sure that both devices are in close proximity, such that the Netgear extender is within the router range.

  1. Disable MAC Filter

Temporarily disable the MAC filter on your router. Now, try to complete the Netgear range extender setup process. If this was the reason that was stopping you from completing the Netgear Nighthawk setup of your extender, then it should be resolved now.

  1. Power Cycle Netgear Extender

If the above-mentioned hacks have not been able to resolve your issue, then the possibility is that there is some technical issue with the Netgear extender. This can be fixed by rebooting the device. Power off the Netgear wireless range extender and power it up after waiting for a while. Now, check if the Netgear extender is able to access the router signal.

  1. Reset Netgear Extender

The problem seems to have dug deeper than expected. To do away with it, you need to reset your device to the default factory settings. Locate the Reset button on your Netgear WiFi range extender and press it. Now the customized settings have been deleted from it. Now again perform the setup process.

Wrap Up

We are pretty sure that now your Netgear range extender must be accessing the router network. You can now get your devices accessing the extender network. Here we would like to mention that you can use the Netgear Nighthawk app to manage your Netgear device easily. If you are using the Netgear router, then too you can use the same Netgear router app to manage and control its settings.

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