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What’s So Special About Wingstop & Its Menu?

by sophia

Although there’s incredible growth in America’s fast-food joints over the last few years, most of them offer pretty much the same menu and taste. Only a fast food joint like Wingstop has stood above the rest by offering mouth-watering tastes and flavors to its customers. The recent buzz of 1 million Wingstop Chicken Sandwich sold out in 6 days made the food brand even more popular across the nation! Wingstop is a cult favorite of many, especially those who love trying out different flavors of chicken wings. But, that’s not all; Wingstop offers much more than just wings. They have a wide range of items included in their menu. We will discuss all of that in this blog. First, let’s start with the history behind the establishment of Wingstop restaurant.

History of Wingstop

In the early ’90s, a pizza shop owner named Antonio Swad began offering wings as samples in his restaurant in Texas. Eventually, he noticed that the customers showed more interest in the wings than the pizzas. Enlightened, he finally established a wing-centric restaurant in 1994. Within three years, the restaurant had acquired a large customer base and started providing franchises in all parts of America. 

Today, Wingstop is headquartered in Dallas and operates over 1400 locations across the globe. From classic and boneless to tender and hand-sauced-and-tossed wings, Wingstop’s chicken wings are available in 11 distinctive flavors. Apart from that, its menu includes fresh-cut seasoned fries, freshly-made ranch, and bleu cheese dips. 

Best Food Choices At Wingstop

Want to know the best meals available at Wingstop? Here’s a compiled list of meals that can give you the ultimate Wingstop experience.

  • Atomic Wings: One of the spiciest wings available at Wingstop, atomic wings are savory-flavored wings with extra spice and other additional flavors. So, if you are a spicy food lover, this is a dish you must try once in your lifetime. Despite the sauce being spicy you will manage to finish off the wings without struggling, for sure.
  • Original Hot Wings: Although wings dominate the menu in most fast food joints, the ones offered by Wingstop are somewhat different. They are ideal to eat for those who fancy simple hot wings, prepared with basic ingredients but with perfection. Wingstop’s original hot wings are spicy and delicious with ordinary toppings. 
  • Garlic Parmesan Wings: Known for its unique old mild wing flavor, Wingstop’s garlic parmesan wings taste slightly salty with a dominant garlic flavor. The dry rub on the wings incorporates parmesan cheese which builds a craving for more wings in the customers. Despite offering a basic and classic flavor of chicken wings, the taste of garlic parmesan wings is rich and amazing.
  • Seasoned Fries: Wingstop’s voodoo fries or seasoned fries are great side dishes for wings. These fries are prepared and sprinkled with a unique mixture of spices that do not produce dominant flavors. And that’s what makes Wingstop’s fries different and an ideal side dish option. 
  • Wingstop Chicken Sandwich: The recent launch of Wingstop chicken sandwich in 12 flavors has gained insane popularity. Wingstop chicken sandwich sold out 1 million orders in six days and achieved one of its highest single transaction days on record. The 12 different flavors of Wingston’s chicken sandwich include Plain, Lemon Pepper, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Mild, Louisiana Rub, Hawaiian, Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Korean Q, Original Hot, Cajun, Mango Habanero, and Atomic flavors.

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Wingstop Menu Review

This section of the blog is based on food reviews provided by Wingstop customers across various social platforms. On average, most customers have given top ratings for the flavors of Wingston’s dry rubs on the wings. Customers have imparted their love for the heavily breaded tenders, soaked in flavorful sauces.

The best Wingstop flavor that has grabbed the attention of a larger audience is the dry Lemon Pepper wings. The combination of black pepper and lemon flavor with the saltiness and fatty crunch of the fried chicken creates an amazing taste. The same goes for the dry garlic parmesan wings! The combination of garlic and parmesan cheese with the crunch of the wing creates a satisfying taste like nothing else.

Final Words

Wingstop has a wide variety of meals to choose from, hence, you may browse the available options on their site to pick one that suits your taste the most. However, if you want to get your hands on Wingstop’s chicken sandwiches, you need to wait a while for the next launch. After the success of 1 million Wingstop Chicken Sandwich sold out in six days, the fast food joint has assured to bring back the meal soon!

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