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Which Techniques Do Chiropractors Use to Treat Low Back Pain

by jasmineelly17

The most common complaints chiropractors experience from many patients are neck and back pain. Most often than not, it is physically inactive individuals with increased muscle tension who develop these pains between 30 to 40 years.

Chiropractors develop a treatment plan depending on what the problem is and can combine it with other treatments for faster relief. Brad Kern is among the many posture specialists using manual joint therapy, spinal manipulation, and mobilization to reduce pain felt. This article focuses on the various techniques used by chiropractors to treat low back pain.

What Methods Do Chiropractors Use to Treat Low Back Pain?

Toggle Drop

The toggle drop technique involves using a quick and precise thrust at a specific spine spot to help relieve back pain. The chiropractor crosses their hands and firmly presses down in a controlled motion to improve the mobility in vertebral joints.

Motion Palpation

Motion palpation is more than an adjustment; it is a diagnostic tool. Chiropractors use this technique to observe your spine structure and identify spinal columns not moving freely or out of alignment.

The technique involves the specialist pacing their hands at specific places on your spine and guiding you through some movements. By doing this, they get to feel your entire spinal column and identify any areas with a problem.

Lumbar Roll

One common chiropractic technique used to treat low back pain is the Lumbar roll. You will have to lie on your side while the doctor stands in front of you during the procedure. They will then apply a rapid and precise thrust to any problematic spine regions, establishing proper alignment and reducing back pain.

Manipulation with Anesthesia

Not all patients with lower back pains respond well to traditional spinal manipulations. In such circumstances, your chiropractor might recommend complete anesthesia before receiving adjustments.

Manipulation with anesthesia mainly occurs in an outpatient hospital since the patients require complete oversight from qualified medical staff. The technique is common for patients with chronic low back pain who experience extremely intense pains.

Flexion-Distraction Technique

You’ll benefit significantly from the flexion-distraction technique when suffering from lower back pains. The procedure involves you lying on a table designed to stretch your spine. The chiropractor starts flexing the spine in a gentle pumping rhythm after isolating the area with affected discs.

The procedure is effective because moving the disc away from the nerve reduces pain and inflammation. For maximum benefits, other therapies accompany the flexion-distraction technique to treat low back pain.

Instrument Adjustments

The instrument adjustment technique is not as hands-on as the other methods described. In this technique, chiropractors adjust your spine using a spring-loaded activator instrument while you face down on the table. You get a gentler approach to freeing vertebrates thanks to the instrument used. It also encourages optimal alignment when used on extremities.

You must have practical expectations of what to expect from your chiropractor. This article has all the different techniques used by chiropractors to treat low back pain. Although you have the information, it would help to seek professional medical care for a more accurate diagnosis.

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