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Why Choose Synology NAS Device to Manage Your Data?

by elonwayne2
Synology NAS Device

Synology NAS is a data management device that helps you to manage your growing data like photos, videos, and other files. Adjusting very high quality data and make it fully secure is a very important task. But, Synology NAS will provide you storage as well as security to your data. Here, in this full of information article, we will discuss why to choose the NAS device to manage your important data. We will start with what is Synology NAS device, its installation procedure through find Synology and end with its amazing features. Let’s start this interesting and featured article.

What is Synology NAS Data Management Device?

It helps you to control your data files, photos and videos into an online cloud platform, where it is secure. The Synology device is a small data management box that contains several drive trays, memory slots, ports and some buttons. You can insert your drives into the device and can add more memory to it. You also can connect your network devices like routers, hubs or switches through Ethernet cable.
Its installation is so easy and simple, so let’s see how you can setup a Synology NAS device.

Synology NAS: Installation

We have to start the setup of the NAS device with the hardware installation process and then complete the setup with connecting it with your computer.

Hardware Setup

To start the Synology device, you have to link it with the network device. But, first you have to fulfill the NAS requirements and complete its construction. Follow some steps to complete its requirements.

  • Pull out the drive trays from the NAS device and insert the drives in the trays.
  • You should lock all the trays carefully with the help of the drive tray key.
  • If you want to add more memory, then enter the memory chips into memory slots.

Now, you have to connect it to your router through an Ethernet cable. Follow some more steps to link the Synology device to the router and turning it on.

  • You have to find an Ethernet port at the back of the NAS device, just insert network cable to it and connect other end to the router’s LAN port.
  • Now, insert the power cord to the power port, which you can find at the back of the NAS device.
  • Then press the power button on the front to turn it on.

Now, you have to connect it to your internet device via your computer through find.synology.com.

Connecting Synology NAS

  • Connect your computer to the same network with which you connected the Synology device.
  • Open browser and search find.synology.com.
  • You will enter to the web assistant of the Synology NAS device.
  • Here, just click on the Connect button given on the bottom of the screen.

It is the completion of the configuration of the NAS device. Now, look at the features of the Synology device.

Synology NAS Device: Features

  • With this device, you can store and share files over the internet.
  • It provides security to your saved and non-saved data.
  • You can sync files with Cloud Station.
  • It also provides DiskStation Manager service.
  • It back up files on computer and server.

The Synology NAS device also provides its user a phone app utility that is called Synology Drive app, which you can download from the Play store app in your mobile.

Summing Up

Let’s sum up this informative article, where you have learned what a Synology device is, its setup procedure and amazing features. Hopefully, you have read this above written article and made your mind to purchase a new Synology NAS device.

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